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The latest automobile complaint list: two major brands have become "hardest hit areas"!

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According to car quality network statistics, a total of 17882 valid complaints were received by car owners in August 2023, setting another record for the same period in history, up 2.9% from the same period last year, but down 1.9% from the previous month. According to the data, a total of 807 models were involved in effective complaint information in July, with a total of 153 models with complaints of more than double digits.


According to the "August 2023 TOP30 Complaints list", BYD has once again become a "regular customer" in the top 10 models on the list, including Song PLUS New Energy, Han, Tang New Energy, Qin PLUS, Destroyer 05, Song Pro New Energy, all of which were complained about "service price change; price change; hybrid mode failure". Among them, the top three models on the list are all from BYD's popular models.

In addition, BYD Seal, frigate 07 and Teng Teng brand D9 were also complained to 13th, 20th and 28th on the list, including "suspected design defects, price changes and hybrid mode failures".


Judging from the specific complaint problems, the reasons for the complaints of the above models are similar. Among them, with regard to the hybrid mode failure, the owner of the 2021 flagship DM-i 110KM PLUS of BYD Song PLUS New Energy pointed out in the complaint platform: "every time the fuel is filled, the ev mode, even if the engine is fully charged, starts by itself, does not prompt, shows that it is still the ev mode, and even if it is adjusted to the compulsory ev engine, it will not stop for another three days." Even if the engine is fully charged, the engine starts itself, with a start time of about 5 minutes each time, and then a mileage of 2 kilometers, during which it cannot be shut down. Moreover, every time the engine starts itself, the whole vehicle trembles unusually, much more than the usual hev mode driving. The whole steering wheel shakes, and the car makes a serious noise due to jitter, such as the co-driver shaking with makeup. "


For example, "service price change; price change" is actually a "clich é" problem, mainly because it is cheaper than YD's new model, which leads to the dissatisfaction of old car owners. A BYD Han 2022 DM-i 121KM premium car owner said: "wait in line to buy a car in 2022, buy a car for five months regardless of the interests of old customers to greatly increase the discount."


In addition to several models on the list by BYD, a number of Toyota models also became the "hardest hit areas" of the automobile complaint list in August. Among them, FAW Toyota includes Ruizhi, Crown, RAV4 Rongfang, Crown Lu Fang and Carola; GAC Toyota including Henlanda, Weisa and Camry all appear on the complaint list. Among them, Ruizhi and Crown were complained to No. 8 and 9 on the list, and the complaint is still the classic "instrument cracking; parts aging", but these two models are relatively old and have little impact on today's consumers. more or to Toyota formed a "high reliability, good durability" reputation caused a certain impact.

There are also Camry and Carola models that have also been complained about "instrument cracking; parts aging". Unlike Ruizhi and Crown, the Camry is the most representative of Toyota's midsize sedans and the best-selling midsize car of Toyota. Taking June-July sales as an example, Camry topped the top20 list of midsize sedan sales with 12036 and 17613 respectively. However, Camry received fewer complaints in August, with only 61 cases.


Judging from the entire list, "instrument cracking; aging parts" complaints mainly focus on some Japanese brand models, and Dongfeng Nissan Teana has the same complaint problem in the August complaint list.

GAC Toyota Hanlanda and Weisa were complained to 14th and 15th on the list because of "audio and video system failure; other" and "system upgrade problems". A Hanlanda 2022 dual-engine 2.5L four-wheel drive supreme version 7-seat owner said: "1, dual-engine Hanlanda car system configuration is low, start slowly, there is no sound after connecting to Bluetooth, when there is sound, it will suddenly become smaller, need to reconnect the problem, promised to update the car machine within half a year to solve the problem, half a year has not solved the problem, and the car machine in use, the screen is hot, hot hands It is impossible to operate the screen by hand, and the car machine is strongly required to be replaced. 2. When the engine intervenes, the noise is very loud and the sound insulation of the vehicle is very poor. 3. The parking brake is noisy and loud. 4. The skylight is leaking and there are obvious water stains on the sunshade after the rain. "


In the list, BMW 3-Series, BMW 5-Series and BMW X3 were also complained to No. 4, 11 and 22 on the list because of "abnormal noise of drive shaft; abnormal sound of braking system"; "abnormal sound of drive shaft; not in line with publicity"; "abnormal sound of drive shaft". Among them, the owner of the BMW 3-Series said that the abnormal noise of the transmission shaft appeared only a few days after picking up the car, and the 4S store said it would not affect the safe use, and waited two months to change the shaft.


Harvard Shenbeast, a subsidiary of Great Wall, was the fifth on the list in August because of "system upgrade problems; audio and video system failures", and the number of complaints soared to 235 from 8 in July, with a particularly significant increase. Harvard Shenbeast, a new model launched by Great Wall in December 2021, is positioned as a compact SUV, which, like Harvard Red Rabbit and Harvard Dog, comes from the lemon platform and is powered by 1.5T and 2.0T, but its sales are mediocre, with only 600units in July, for example.


In addition to the above models, Great Wall car H6S, GAC MOTOR Chuanqi GS8, Changan Ford Ruiji, Arize 8, Great Wall car Hafer H6, Chery New Energy small ant, SAIC General Buick and Guangzhou Auto Honda flying model are also in the top 30, including "system upgrade problems; navigation problems"; and "air leakage in doors and windows" in the TOP30 list of August 2023. Audio-visual system failure "," disguised charge; system upgrade problem "and so on.


Automobile as a large amount of consumer goods, complaints are directly related to the safety and quality of consumers, so they have been concerned by consumers. From the whole complaint list in August, the number of complaints against some German and independent brand models continued to increase. In the "August 2023 vehicle complaint TOP30 list", more than half of the model complaints increased in varying degrees compared with the previous month. Among them, "audio-visual system failure" and "system upgrade problems" involved more vehicles, and most of the complaints came from some Japanese and independent brand models.

Overall, the number of complaints against independent brands declined in August compared with July, but remained at a high level of more than 9000, while the number of complaints against joint venture brands increased significantly, up 25% from the previous month, but the proportion of complaints was still lower than that of independent brands. In addition, judging from the number of complaints from different brands in various countries, American brands rose 72.5% month-on-month in August, a significant increase, while the number of German brand complaints also rose 2.1% month-on-month.

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