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Hit it on the spot! Xiaomi car store opens

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On March 25, Xiaomi opened a static display in 60 stores in 29 cities across the country. It is understood that Xiaomi has five stores in Guangzhou at present, which are located in Liwan District leading Automobile experience Store, Panyu District Panyu Avenue North sales and Service Center, Yuexiu District Xinghuan International Automobile flagship Store, Baiyun District North sales and Service Center, Huangpu District Science City delivery Center, which is located in Huangpu District Science City delivery Center, and is currently the only delivery center for Xiaomi cars in Guangzhou.

The Science City delivery Center of Xiaomi Huangpu District is located at 50 Nanxiang Road, Union Street, Huangpu District. Because it is located in a remote location and there is no business circle nearby, the flow of people at the scene is not very large, and from the layout of the site, this store should have just been decorated, and many modifications related to Xiaomi SU7 have not yet been put in place.

It is understood that Xiaomi car Huangpu District Science City delivery Center is an all-millet car sales and delivery center, that is, Xiaomi's original products will not be involved. There are only three display cars at the scene, with colors of Bay Blue, Ash, and Olive Green, including two Max versions and one standard version. From the point of view of the scene, the most popular color is the bay blue. In addition, the scene also displayed Xiaomi SU7 chassis, motor and other core components for the audience to visit and study. According to the sales introduction, at present, Xiaomi SU7 can only conduct static tasting, that is, it cannot enter the car, and it does not accept bookings or blind bookings for the time being. It needs to wait for the launch conference on March 28 to view the details of the car and open test driving, booking and locking.

"Automotive Industry concern" learned from the scene that many consumers still pay more attention to the appearance design of Xiaomi SU7. Smooth lines are especially highly recognized by customers, bringing a sense of fixed vision of sports cars, but what they are most concerned about is the price of Xiaomi SU7, because there are many competing products of Xiaomi SU7, including extreme Krypton 001, Intelligence S7, Xiaopeng P7, etc., especially extreme Krypton 001 orders soared after the upgrade. If Xiaomi car can not give an advantage in the price will be difficult to get favor. Some customers said, "if the price of the standard version is around 230000, we may consider that if we reach 250000, we will directly choose Polar Krypton 001. After all, Polar Krypton relies on Geely, and Geely is an established car company in China. From this point, Xiaomi is out of reach." The staff at the scene joked that "the last secret of SU7 is the price, but only Lei Jun may know it."

The price of Xiaomi SU7 may not be cheap.

At the Xiaomi auto technology conference, Lei Jun said that the Xiaomi SU7 is a Dream Car comparable to Porsche and Tesla. Lei Jun said on Weibo on March 20 that Xiaomi SU7 Standard Edition is far more equipped than Model 3, with solid materials and high procurement costs. "there is indeed some pressure on pricing, I hope you will understand". On March 25, Lei Jun said on Weibo that Xiaomi SU7 is not only the "best-looking, best-driving and smartest" car within 500000, but also a high-quality car. When it comes to intelligence and ecology, Xiaomi SU7 is the "best" no matter what the price.

If it is less than 200000 yuan, then the competitiveness of Xiaomi SU7 is still very obvious, but according to Lei Jun, it is almost impossible, and although more than 200000 is acceptable, some people will pay for it, but such a high price is obviously not for young people, let alone the so-called "Dream Car." As netizens commented on Lei Jun's Weibo: "Rice noodles are just getting old, not rich", it also reveals the real demand of contemporary consumers in choosing a car, and price is the biggest factor that determines car purchase.

For Lei Jun and Xiaomi, there is no turning back. At a press conference three years ago, Lei Jun said that this was the last time in his life to start a business and was willing to bet all his reputation to fight for Xiaomi. Lei Jun said on Weibo on March 25 that the press conference three days later was the first step for Xiaomi and the beginning of the last battle of his life.

How hard will this war be? "I encouraged Lei Jun to build cars," he Xiaopeng, chairman of Xiaopeng Motor, said in an interview in 2021. "I have always advised Lei Jun to build cars, because mobile phones are cooler than cars." Two years later, he Xiaopeng denied in an interview that he was behind Lei Jun's car-building, saying, "car-building is a philosophy of regret. If you want to hurt a friend, let him build a car."

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