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The official website is involved in pornography? Changan Mazda statement: call the police

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On Sept. 6, a netizen in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province revealed that when browsing the official Mazda car website, the website automatically jumped out of the pornographic website page, and the site was full of a large number of pornographic movies and TV dramas. The video exposed by the network shows that the netizen clicked on the "FAW Mazda" page.


Subsequently, a reporter interviewed Mazda (China) Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., and the staff replied that they would verify the matter with the IT department and record relevant information, and the results of the investigation would be fed back to the reporter. In the afternoon, Changan Mazda customer service staff said that Changan Mazda has been merged with FAW Mazda, the original FAW Mazda official website is no longer used, do not rule out the embezzlement.


In addition, the Mazda customer service hotline also responded to the relevant media that at present, there is only Changan Mazda in China, and there is no FAW Mazda, and the official website has no problem, and the website has no official certification and is a fraud website. at present, it has been reflected to the relevant departments.

In response to the above incident, on the evening of September 6, Changan Mazda issued a statement saying that recently, there were media reports that there were illegal websites posing as the official website of "Changan Mazda." Changan Mazda immediately reported to the public security organs and reported the relevant information to the search platform. In a statement, Changan Mazda reminded everyone to accurately identify, beware of illegal web site deception, and jointly maintain the network environment.

As we all know, Mazda had two joint ventures of FAW Mazda and Changan Mazda in the Chinese market. On August 30th, FAW Mazda said goodbye to everyone on Weibo, which means that FAW Mazda officially withdrew from the stage of Chinese automobile history. At that time, FAW Mazda announced its formal withdrawal from the joint venture camp and merged with Changan Mazda to form (new) Changan Mazda. On September 8, 2021, FAW Mazda Automobile sales Co., Ltd. changed its name to Changan Mazda Automobile sales (Changchun) Co., Ltd. the business period will remain unchanged after the change of name until January 17, 2025.

After FAW Mazda announced its withdrawal, Mazda mainly relied on a Changan Mazda car company in the Chinese market. However, the overlap between north and south Mazda has not improved Mazda's sales in China. Mazda's sales in China fell 41 per cent year-on-year to 108000 vehicles in 2022, the fifth consecutive year of decline in the Chinese market, according to the data.


According to the latest production and sales data released by Changan Automobile, from January to August this year, the cumulative sales of Changan Mazda was 45065 vehicles, down 41.45% from the same period last year. From the perspective of current sales data, Changan Mazda failed to support Mazda's position in China. In the view of the industry, the main reason for the poor development of Changan Mazda in China is the slow updating of its products and the slow electrification transformation.


According to the official website, Changan Mazda currently sells eight models, including Unksera, Atez, CX-30, CX-30 EV, CX-4, CX-5, CX-50 and CX-8, of which CX-50 went on sale on May 25 with a price range of 15.98-106800 yuan.


The CX-50, the first new car after the merger of North and South Mazda, is based on the front horizontal platform and is positioned as the new compact SUV, which can be seen as the successor to the CX-5, but slightly higher than the CX-5. In terms of power, CX-50 provides 2.0L and 2.5L power options in the early stage, of which 2.0L engine maximum power 114kW, peak torque 200N m, 2.5L engine maximum power 138kW, peak torque 250N m, transmission are equipped with 6AT gearbox, hybrid models will be launched in the future.

The launch of the new car comes at a time when Mazda also heavily invited Liang Jiahui as the spokesman for CX-50, which has become a best-selling model of Changan Mazda. Data show that from May to July this year, CX-50 sales were 503, 4158 and 1051 respectively, with a cumulative sales of 5712 vehicles. For comparison, Anksera, another best-selling model of Changan Mazda, sold 1587 and 2891 respectively from June to July.


The launch of new cars has also led to a pick-up in Changan Mazda sales. Data show that Changan Mazda sales rose 49.23% year-on-year to 7933 vehicles in August. It should be noted that at present, great changes have taken place in the domestic car market, and new energy electrification has become a major trend in the development of the industry. both traditional car companies and new car-building forces are actively laying out this market. Obviously, Changan Mazda must make fundamental innovations if it is to survive.

In mid-July, Masahiro Moro, CEO of Mazda, said in an interview that Mazda's business in China may be difficult and its strategy in China needs to be overhauled because of the fierce competition in the Chinese electric car market. At the same time, Mr Mao said Mazda's operations in the world's largest car market would become increasingly difficult in the coming year to 18 months. Production is low, but profit pressure is increasing.

However, Mao stressed that Mazda will not give up on the Chinese market. Mazda aims to launch a number of new electric car models in China one after another, and there are no plans to downsize. Mazda is scheduled to launch a SUV model in China this fiscal year, ending in March 2024, in an effort to reverse the trend. It was previously reported that the first new energy model of Mazda's partnership with Changan Automobile will be launched by the end of 2024 and plans to launch two new energy models developed and produced in China by the end of 2024 and the end of 2025.

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