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Second-hand car dealer: life is difficult! Ten million running water only earns 10,000 RMB.

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2023 is destined to be an unusual year for car companies. Price war smoke everywhere, roll not only car enterprises, even second-hand car dealers are implicated.

Recently, according to media reports, some second-hand car dealers in Shanghai have reflected to them that life is hard now and the profit space is getting smaller and smaller. In the past, they earned 1 suite in Shanghai, but now they earn only 10,000 yuan from tens of millions of running water. In addition, there are other second-hand car dealers said: before the Spring Festival at a price of 260,000 yuan received a car in good condition Lantu FREE, the original owner bought the landing price of 330,000 yuan. Unexpectedly, this year's new generation of Lantu FREE listing starting price directly to 266,900 yuan. There was no way to sell it at this price. It was completely out of hand. Some insiders pointed out: "Basically every month, car brands suddenly announce new car price cuts, or give consumers more new car rights." Sometimes, some new energy vehicles, fuel vehicles of new and used cars even appear price inversion phenomenon. These have had a certain impact on the used car business."


It is indeed the price war of car enterprises, which will have a certain impact on the used car market. As early as Tesla announced a big price cut in January this year, there have been second-hand car dealers reflect that the second-hand price of vehicles has plummeted and dare not close the car. On January 6, Tesla China announced that it would cut the prices of its two domestic models, with Model 3 dropping 20,000 - 36,000 yuan and Model Y dropping 29,000 - 48,000 yuan. Influenced by Tesla's price reduction, many new forces to build cars have also been forced to join the price war.


January's price cuts have not yet passed, Hubei in March set off an unprecedented car purchase preferential activities, the price war spread to the fuel vehicle field. Take Dongfeng Citroen as an example, the original guidance price of 211,900 yuan, 226,800 yuan Citroen C6 co-created version model and C6 comfort version model subsidies are as high as 90,000 yuan, plus purchase tax, licensing fees and insurance, Citroen C6 final landing price only needs about 140,000 yuan, no doubt this price is very tempting. According to incomplete statistics, more than 40 automobile brands and hundreds of models have joined the price war. In August, a new round of price war started again, rolling the price of vehicles to the highest point, and the price of new cars was even more serious.


Take BYD as an example, BYD launched Qin PLUS DM-i champion version in February, the starting price of 99,800 yuan for the first time to less than 100,000 yuan, officially opened the "same price of oil and electricity", to the same level of fuel vehicles can bring a lot of threat. Since then, BYD has launched a number of models such as Han Champion Edition, Tang DM-i Champion Edition, Destroyer 05 Champion Edition, Seal Champion Edition, Song ProDM-i Champion Edition, etc., and the prices of these models have been continuously explored. The Haval brand owned by Great Wall also launched a heavy-weight model, Xiaolong/Xiaolong MAX, whose price also dropped to 139,800 yuan and 159,800 yuan. Even the new Highlander car listed also dropped 20,000 yuan, you know earlier to buy Highlander new car does not increase the price but can not buy.


Of course, the reasons for the difficult life of second-hand car dealers are not only affected by the price war of automobile enterprises, but also by fierce market competition, demand for second-hand vehicles and the preservation rate of second-hand cars. In this regard, there are second-hand car dealers bluntly: this year is bound to be a bloody year.

Compared with 2022, due to the impact of epidemic situation and other factors, the price of raw materials upstream of batteries rose sharply. New energy automobile enterprises faced huge cost pressure last year and raised the prices of their vehicles one after another. Not only has the price gone up, but it is still slow to pick up the car, and even many new energy vehicles are hard to find. At that time, many users do not want to wait, directly buy second-hand vehicles. In addition, there are many prospective owners of new energy vehicles directly on the second-hand car trading platform to transfer their new energy vehicles at a higher price, easily earning tens of thousands of resale costs.

It's not like it used to be. It's not like it's hard to find a car anymore. Or understand why used car dealers can earn Shanghai 1 suite a year before, now tens of millions of running water only earn 10,000 yuan situation.

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