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Ideal car responds to Hancheng Expressway accident: there is no problem that the engine is out of control

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In response to the "serious traffic accident on the ideal L9 highway", ideal car released the "Hancheng Expressway accident description" on the official Weibo on Oct. 27. The content of the accident description shows: "the appraisal conclusion is that the vehicle has no product quality problem, there is no problem that the machine is out of control, and the car owner has received the traffic accident certificate."


The thing is, at 23:59 at night on July 27, 2023, an ideal L9 had a serious traffic accident on the Weizhuang Highway in Hancheng, Shaanxi Province, resulting in one death and three injuries. Ideal car said: "We feel very sad and sorry for the casualties caused by the accident."

According to the Nine School News, a family member in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province recently defended his rights in front of an ideal car store, saying: "the ideal car, the car was out of control, and the car was killed in a car crash." On October 26, a staff member of the ideal car store said that the accident car was still parked in front of the store. Ideal car customer complaint manager said the accident occurred on the night of July 27, a section of the highway in Weinan, there was no guardrail. At that time, the user turned on the function of adaptive cruising, and according to the data, the user shifted consciously from the left lane to the gully beside the highway. The vehicle suffered an offset angle, less than 10% of the collision. She said there were four passengers on board, the driver, her husband and two children, and one child died as a result of the accident. The responsibility judgment given by the traffic police is the customer's unilateral responsibility, and the family members carried out administrative reconsideration. The conclusion of the communication between the two sides is that the family members hope to make a public apology and ask for a sum of compensation.


Ideal car said in the above accident description that the ideal car has not responded positively since the accident occurred because it is a unilateral accident with clear facts. After the accident, we immediately cooperate with the traffic police to provide EDR (vehicle incident data recording system) data. According to the feedback from the judicial identification center of traffic accident traces and material evidence of Shaanxi Chang'an University entrusted by the traffic police, it was confirmed that except the driver, all the other members of the car were not wearing seat belts.

In view of some of the questions that exist on the Internet, the ideal car has also answered: question one: does the vehicle ACC (Adaptive Cruise) function turn on automatically and interfere with the driver's control of the vehicle? When the vehicle is driving, the LKA (lane keeping) function is not turned on, only the ACC (adaptive cruise) function is turned on, so the driving direction is controlled by the driver. Combined with the analysis of vehicle EDR (on-board incident data recording system), 12 seconds before the collision, the right lever of the steering wheel triggers to turn on the ACC function, and then the vehicle drives from the left lane to the right lane at the speed of 103km/h, resulting in a serious collision between the right side of the vehicle and the trees beside the highway (diameter about 38.5cm, perimeter 121cm measured on the spot), and the driver presses the acceleration pedal 0.5 seconds before the collision, without braking action.


Question 2: why do rear passengers not wear seat belts but can still turn on the ACC function? There are four people on board, except the driver, the three passengers in the back row are not wearing seat belts. As the driver has set up the "child seat linkage" function in the back seat, the system will no longer check the seat belt status in the back row. There will be no restrictions on the use of auxiliary driving functions.


Question 3: why did the accident cause serious damage to the upper body on the right side of the vehicle? The vehicle rushed out of the highway at the speed of 103km/h (there is no outer guardrail on this section of the road), and then the vehicle was in a roll posture, and the A-pillar collided directly with trees with a diameter of about 38.5cm. Due to the special scene, the main energy-absorbing structures such as vehicle threshold and longitudinal beam did not participate in the collision.


It is understood that the ideal L9 is the second mass production model under the ideal car, positioning a large SUV, on June 21, 2022, the price is 459800 yuan. Ideal car founder Li Xiang once defined the car as "the best household flagship SUV within 5 million". At an earlier launch of the new car, Li Xiang even said bluntly: "the ideal L9 suspension uses a front double-arm, rear five-link structure, providing flagship driving performance and ride comfort, combined with millisecond response CDC damping system, even compared with Curinan, we are not afraid at all." Therefore, the new car was once concerned by consumers after it was put on the market.


Data show that from January to September this year, the cumulative sales of ideal cars was 244225, an increase of 180.95% over the same period last year. Among them, the ideal car in September was 36060, an increase of 212.72% over the same period last year, setting a new high for monthly delivery. The ideal L9 was 11884, accounting for 32.96% of the total sales.

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