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The advance price starts from 320000, and the reservation is made in V09.

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On Sept. 10, Hechuang V09 officially opened its reservation with a pre-sale price of 320000-460000. It is understood that the joint venture V09 positioning of medium-and large-scale MPV, using 2-2-7-style 7-seat layout, provides black orange theme, shallow jade theme, obsidian theme three kinds of interior color matching, the new car will be officially launched and delivered on October 13.


In terms of appearance, the front face of the new car uses the popular through-type LED day-running lights and split headlamps, while the brand LOGO can be lit together with day-running lights. As a pure electric MPV, the new car uses a closed front face and exaggerated chrome plating on both sides of the front, making the front look domineering.



The side of the car body is decorated with a lot of chrome, equipped with large-size multi-spoke rims to make the vehicle look more luxurious, the whole system is equipped with bilateral electric side sliding doors, and there is a large triangular window behind the A-pillar, which is convenient for drivers to observe the road conditions. In the size part, the length, width and height of Hechuang V09 are 5215/1967/1910mm and wheelbase 3170mm, respectively, which is between Tengli D9 and polar krypton 009.



In terms of interior decoration, the Hechuang V09 uses a hugging cockpit design, with a 14.6-inch central control screen and 10.25-inch LCD instrument size, and a 12.3-inch entertainment screen in front of the co-pilot. Most of the functions of the vehicle are expected to be controlled by the suspended central control screen. In the detail part, the car adopts a double flat-bottomed steering wheel and a protective block design, and an air conditioning outlet and a mobile phone wireless charging board are arranged under the center console.


In terms of power, the new car is driven by permanent magnet synchronous motor, with a maximum power of 202kW and a maximum torque of 335Nm. In terms of mileage, the new car is equipped with ternary lithium and lithium iron phosphate batteries, with mileage of 620km and 762km respectively. In addition, the car is also equipped with an 800-volt ultra-fast charge, which officials say can be charged up to 1 kilometer per second.

Hechuang Automobile, formerly known as GAC NIO, was founded in April 2018 and is jointly owned by GAC GROUP, GAC Ean, Lvlai Fund, Lailai Automobile and the founding team, and its new energy vehicle brand is Co-founder HYCAN. The marriage between the traditional head car company and the new head car-building power was initially favored by many people, but unfortunately the alliance did not get a good result, and the two sides soon parted ways, leaving the joint venture car to be self-reliant.


Since its inception, Hechuang has launched 007, Z03 and A06 models, but sales are very average. Retail sales figures show. From January to August in 2023, Hechuang sold a total of 15652 vehicles, of which the highest sales were Z03, which was 14622. It is understood that Hechuang Z03 will be listed on the market in October 2021, positioning compact pure electric SUV, with a guiding price range of 13.28-168800 yuan.


At present, pure electric MPV has become a new battlefield for the force of new cars. Yuan Xiaolin, president and CEO of Volvo Greater China, said, "although the new energy MPV market is hot, it is still a blue ocean, especially in the luxury MPV market segment." It is understood that Volvo will release its first pure electric MPV--EM90 in November.

This is also the fundamental reason why car companies are scrambling to develop new energy MPV. In 2022, Lantu dreamer and Tengli D9 have been listed one after another, among which Tengli D9 has firmly ranked second in the MPV market. After entering 2023, more and more brands accelerate to enter, including Wei brand Gaoshan, Xiaopeng X9, ideal MEGA, these MPV models will be put on the market by the end of this year. At that time, the momentum of new energy MPV competing for traditional fuel MPV market will intensify day by day, and the competition between domestic MPV will also be upgraded.


Retail data show that the highest-selling MPV from January to August in 2023 was the Tengli D9, with 77345 vehicles, followed by Buick GL8 with 76870 vehicles. In the previous 10 lists, only two new energy MPV, Teng Teng D9 and Pentium NAT, entered the list, and the others were all fuel MPV, but the new energy MPV led by Teng Teng D9 led the Buick GL8, indicating that the MPV market has begun to accelerate its transformation to new energy.

Cui Dongshu, secretary general of the Federation of passengers, pointed out, "many changes in the MPV market are closely related to the high-end of independent brands. As an upgrade of consumption, high-end electric cars have natural advantages. According to the changing trend of household structure of consumer groups in China, there is still great potential for the development of MPV sales, and household MPV sales in China will also usher in growth in the future. "

For new energy MPV, this is a challenge as well as an opportunity. The opportunity is that the MPV market is indeed a blue sea, and there are only a few cars that are really influential, such as Buick GL8, Toyota Sena, Honda Odyssey and so on, while Teng Teng D9 has taken the lead in proving that the new energy MPV market is feasible, so other models with the same strength will not be very difficult to walk. The challenge is that the new energy MPV market will be extremely inward, including Teng Teng, Wei Brand, ideal car, and Xiaopeng Automobile will avoid competition with each other. Li Xiang even said bluntly that "MEGA will become the first sales of all passenger cars over 500000, regardless of energy form or body form." Of course, to find opportunities in the challenges, this is what every car company has to experience.

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