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Hot talk! IQOO product manager enters the position of ideal car

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The news that the beautiful product manager joined the ideal car immediately aroused strong concern in the market.

Song Ziwei, product manager of iQOO, a subsidiary of vivo, confirmed her departure and joined the ideal car, but it is not clear what position she will hold, according to market news. However, whether Song Ziwei joined the ideal car has not been publicly confirmed by the ideal car official.


On Sept. 7, Song Ziwei posted a Weibo post about the ideal L9 with the caption "I can't go back tonight, but fortunately there is another L9." It is also a different experience to feel the rainstorm and listen to music in the car. " Some bloggers commented that it was "is it for the ideal warm-up?"


At present, Song Ziwei's top IQOO 11s promotion has been cancelled, the official certification has changed from a "IQOO product manager" to a "digital blogger", and the latest Weibo post does not have the small tail of an IQOO phone. Taken together, it is almost certain that Song Ziwei has left IQOO, but whether to join the ideal car needs further official confirmation.


Song Ziwei, a graduate of Shanghai University, moved from Huawei to vivo in 2019 to become the product manager of its subsidiary brand IQOO, according to public sources. It should be noted that when Song Ziwei served as IQOO product manager, the IQOO brand was just launched, which can be said to have witnessed the development of the IQOO brand. It is understood that the IQOO brand was released in February 2019 and the first model IQOO was released in March 2019. In July of the same year, Song Ziwei hosted the launch of iQOO Neo, the second model of the IQOO brand, which gained a lot of attention in a short period of time with good looks and long legs. In March 2020, iQOO officially released iQOO 3 mobile phone, also hosted by Song Ziwei, with "I am responsible for shaking, it is responsible for stable" thoroughly detonated the market, at this time, Song Ziwei has become the soul of IQOO brand press conference, the growing number of fans at the same time, the IQOO brand has also won unprecedented attention, becoming one of the fastest growing mobile phone brands in the Chinese market.

In this regard, some netizens said that if Song Ziwei joined the ideal car, I am afraid I will never see the figure of Chairman Li Xiang again.



The integration of digital circle and car circle has become a trend, and the most obvious change is that the top executives of the mobile phone circle have begun to enter the automobile company, and the most symbolic figure is Yu Chengdong. Since Cyrus and Huawei jointly launched the AITO brand, Yu Chengdong has almost become the "spokesman" of the AITO brand. He has hosted almost all the launches of the new AITO brand, and with "far ahead" has become the iconic slogan of the auto circle, bringing continuous popularity and discussion to the AITO brand. In addition, Geely also through the acquisition of Meizu, the launch of the Flyme Auto car system installed in Lecker, polar krypton models, and Volvo, Polar Star and other brands to carry out more in-depth cooperation.

At the same time, the management of a number of mobile phone-related companies joined the car company. Li Wenzhi, the current head of ideal Automobile's CFO office, is responsible for process, organizational and financial changes, reporting to CFO Li tie, a former head of Huawei's global HRBP management department. In April this year, Zou Liangjun joined ideal Automobile and served as the head of MKT (Marketing) Department of Glory Terminal, responsible for MKT business at home and abroad, reporting directly to Zhao Ming, Honor CEO.

This may also be the change of the automobile market. Under the trend of intelligence and electrification, how to change and innovate has become an issue of particular concern to the new forces. Executives from the digital circle may be able to provide more different views and suggestions when they join the automobile companies.

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