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The wind and clouds are rising again! After many years, Chery restarted the wind and cloud system.

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Today, Chery announced on its official Weibo that its new series of new energy products is named "Fengyun" and launched a new brand logo. There was a poster slogan of "make a comeback", along with a preview of Fengyun's first model, the Fengyun A9. Officials said that the official announcement of Chery is another new product series of the Chery brand, which will take hybrid products as the core, indicating that the new energy strategy of the Chery brand is being promoted in an all-round way.

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It is understood that the Fengyun A9 is positioned as a medium and large sedan and will be officially released in the fourth quarter of this year, with the Kunpeng super hybrid C-DM. From the official picture, the Fengyun A9 is similar to the front face of the Chery ARRIZO Star concept car, which was unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show in April, with dot matrix breathing lights on the forward air grid, narrow and long headlight groups on both sides, and through daytime driving lights on both sides. after lighting, the vehicle has a very high degree of recognition.

New car side: equipped with large-size multi-spoke sports wheels, while equipped with hidden door handle design, highlight the sense of movement of the vehicle. In terms of power, Fengyun A9 will be equipped with Chery's latest Kunpeng super-performance hybrid C-DM system. The system has the advantages of global high performance, continuous high energy saving, high safety, zero acceleration capacity of 3 seconds, fuel consumption of 3.8L/100km, and comprehensive mileage of 1500km.

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It is worth noting that the name "Fengyun" is not the first time Chery has used it, and people who know Chery better should have some impression on Chery Fengyun. As early as 1999, Chery's first car was named "Fengyun car", and the emergence of Fengyun also opened the curtain of the development of its own brand. However, because Chery did not have the qualification for car production at that time, and its models could only be sold in Anhui, in order to sell the vehicles to all parts of the country, Chery chose to marry with SAIC and give SAIC a 20% shareholding. So that Fengyun cars can be sold smoothly across the country.


With the low price of 88000 yuan, Fengyun car became popular in the market as soon as it was launched in 2001. In 2001, 28000 vehicles were sold, with sales reaching 2 billion yuan, compared with 50000 in 2002. As Chery's first car, Fengyun's success made Chery a "dark horse" among car companies at that time. Fengyun did not retire until 2006, after the integration of Fengyun car and Qiyun. The Chery Fengyun 2 model was unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show in 2008, which was once hailed as the rebirth of this legendary brand.

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At that time, Chery Automobile related sources revealed: "because Fengyun has made outstanding contributions to China's automobile industry and is of more historical significance to Chery, we retain its name and serve as the brand name of Chery's new series." Unlike ten years ago, "Fengyun" is no longer the name of the model, but has jumped to the name of the brand series. starting from Fengyun 2, Chery will also launch Fengyun series of brand-new automotive products one after another, such as "Fengyun 1", "Fengyun 3", "Fengyun 4", "Fengyun 5" and so on. Fengyun series will enrich Chery's product line together with Chery's Q series, A series, T series and other products.

On March 22, 2010, Chery Fengyun 2 went public with a price range of 5.18-60800 yuan. Compared with the first-generation Fengyun, the appearance and performance of the second-generation Fengyun have been adjusted, and the price has also been reduced. The listing also brought good sales to Chery, with relevant data showing that Fengyun 2 sold more than 150000 vehicles in 2010. Production of Fengyun 2 may be discontinued in 2018 to make room for the Arizor series.

Now that Chery restarts the name of the Fengyun series again, it is not difficult to see that it has high hopes for a new product series. Hope that Fengyun brand can continue to write a legend in the field of new energy. Before that, Chery had made a series of adjustments. In April this year, on the night of 2023 Chery New Energy, Chery Group officially announced its transition to energy and launched its first new energy electric brand iCAR. At present, Chery has formed four major brand layouts: Chery, Xingtuo, Jetway and iCAR. Among them, iCAR focuses on the price range of 150000-300000 yuan, and aims to achieve annual sales of 1 million vehicles by 2026.


In fact, Chery's series of adjustments has something to do with the poor sales of its new energy vehicles. Figures show that Chery New Energy sold 53600 vehicles in the first seven months, less than half of the 137900 sold in the same period last year. Chery's new energy sales mainly come from two miniature electric models dominated by Little Ant and QQ ice cream. However, in 2023, the market for mini electric cars began to shrink, and sales of Little Ant and QQ ice cream were also affected.

At the same time, Chery's unbounded Pro, which went public in November, also performed poorly, with figures showing that the unbounded Pro sold just 690 vehicles from January to June. In order to reverse the decline in sales, Chery New Energy has also joined the price war this year, reducing the prices of QQ ice cream, small ants and boundless Pro models, but under the background that many car companies have started a price war, the price reduction of Chery New Energy has not brought a considerable increase in sales. This time, whether Chery can restart the Fengyun system can bring the miracle of sales as it did in the past, which remains to be verified in the follow-up time.

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