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Another Huawei executive joins polar krypton!

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Yang Xueliang, senior vice president of Geely Holdings Group, confirmed that Guan Haitao, former CMO of Glory China and minister of e-commerce, will report to Lin Jinwen, vice president of polar krypton intelligence.


According to public information, Guan Haitao has worked in Yili, Tencent and other companies and has decades of experience in brand marketing and business management. In 2018, Guan Haitao joined Huawei as Vice Minister of Marketing of Honor Business Department and CMO of China. In 2021, Guan Haitao became the head of China e-commerce department of Glory Terminal Co., Ltd., in charge of Glory e-commerce business.

It seems not uncommon for technology executives to join car companies in the industry.

Earlier, on August 15, extreme Krypton Intelligent Technology announced its appointment, and Jiang Jun became Vice President of extreme Krypton Intelligent Technology, responsible for intelligent cockpit related business. According to the data, Jiang Jun joined Huawei in 2008 and has served as Huawei's R & D director, project group director and core team leader of the autopilot product line.

The integration of the technology circle and the automobile circle has become a trend, and the most obvious change is that the top executives of the technology circle began to enter the automobile company, and the most symbolic figure is Yu Chengdong. Since Cyrus and Huawei jointly launched the AITO brand, Yu Chengdong has almost become the "spokesman" of the AITO brand. He has hosted almost all the launches of the new AITO brand, and with "far ahead" has become the iconic slogan of the auto circle, bringing continuous popularity and discussion to the AITO brand.

In February this year, Li Wenzhi, who had worked for Huawei for 18 years, joined ideal Automobile as the head of the CFO office of ideal Automobile, responsible for process, organizational and financial changes, and reported to CFO Li tie. When he left Huawei, he was the head of the Global HRBP Management Department of the Group's Human Resources Department, with rich experience in business management, process, system construction and operation. In April this year, Zou Liangjun joined ideal Automobile and served as the head of MKT (Marketing) Department of Glory Terminal, responsible for MKT business at home and abroad, reporting directly to Zhao Ming, Honor CEO. A few days ago, according to market news, Song Ziwei, product manager of vivo subsidiary iQOO, confirmed her departure and joined the ideal car, but it is not clear what position she will hold. However, whether Song Ziwei joined the ideal car has not been publicly confirmed by the ideal car official.

With the intelligent building of new energy vehicles entering the second half, the market competition has gradually transitioned from electrification to intelligence and user experience, which is lacking in extreme krypton. As the first model of extreme krypton, extreme krypton 001 frequently exposed problems such as stutter and black screen at the beginning of the market, and then the authorities replaced the system based on Qualcomm 8155 chip for car owners free of charge to solve this problem.

In addition, polar krypton also needs to make up lessons in autopilot. At present, Xiaopeng XNGP has been able to seamlessly connect high-speed, city, parking and other scenes, completing uninterrupted driving assistance from the starting car park to the terminal parking lot, and is expected to expand to about 50 cities, including the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta, in the second half of the year, and is expected to open in 200 domestic cities next year.

The ideal plan is to launch the city NoA function in 100 cities by the end of the year, while Huawei will have 45 cities, which means that models such as Arta and Mengjie will also join the team of intelligent drivers in specific situations. In addition, Zhiji also cooperated with Momenta to launch high-speed NOA navigation assistance.

At present, polar krypton has begun to speed up the progress in this respect, including the addition of Jiang Jun and Chen Qi, which can provide strong research and development value for polar krypton's intelligent driving, but it is unclear whether these measures can help it catch up in the second half. After all, as the competition for new energy vehicles enters the second half, electrification itself is no longer the focus of the competition, intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving will gradually become the focus of the competition. Polar krypton has to make more efforts.

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