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259900! Pre-sale price of Geely Baidu cooperative first car announced

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On Sept. 19, the first all-electric SUV, Jiyue 01, officially went on sale, starting at 259900 yuan, while the new car was officially launched at Geely Hangzhou Bay Wisdom Factory, and is expected to go on sale on October 20.


It is understood that the new car is a new brand launched by Geely Holdings Group, and Ji Yue 01 is the first model of the brand, based on the same SEA Haohan structure as polar krypton 001, positioning pure electricity in large-scale SUV, providing single-motor and dual-motor models on power, with a maximum range of 720km.

In terms of appearance, the new car follows the previous Jidu ROBO-01 concept car design style, the overall appearance is more round and full. Specifically, the front face of the new car is designed with a closed intake grille and a U-shaped LED daylight belt, with interactive headlights on both sides. The lower enclosure is designed with a black guard plate with trapezoidal distribution, and the interior is a heat sink. In addition, the new car is equipped with two lidar, a number of 8 million high-definition pixel cameras, the car has a total of 31 sensors.



On the side of the body, the upward waistline design of the new car is combined with the suspended roof shape, which makes the visual effect of the vehicle more athletic. The new car does not use a physical door handle, and the body B-column and C-column are equipped with button-type unlocking. The charging port is located above the left rear wing of the car body, which has the function of electric opening and closing. In addition, according to reports, the new car is expected to be equipped with 19-inch smoked rims for low-equipped models and 21-inch smoked rims for high-equipped models. In the rear part, the new car adopts through-type taillight design, and the rear part is equipped with active up-and-down spoiler, which is surrounded by a wide guard to further enhance the visual center of gravity of the vehicle, bringing a strong cross-border style.

In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4853/1990/1611mm, wheelbase is 3000mm, positioning pure electricity medium and large SUV. As a comparison, the length, width and height of polar krypton 001 are 4970/1999/1560mm and the wheelbase is 3005mm respectively. In contrast, the new car is smaller than polar krypton 001 except for the height of the car.

In the interior part, the interior layout of the new car is mainly simple, with a 35.6-inch penetrating screen and a U-shaped steering wheel. In addition, the new car is equipped with the 8295 chip, the fourth-generation Snapdragon digital cockpit platform of Qualcomm for the first time.


In terms of power, the new car provides single-motor two-drive version and dual-motor four-wheel-drive version models, of which, the maximum power of single motor is 200kW, the maximum power of dual-motor version is also 200kW, the maximum power of dual-motor is 400kW, the fastest acceleration time of 0100km / h is 3.8s; ternary lithium battery and lithium iron phosphate battery are provided, and CLTC has a maximum range of 720km.

On August 14, Geely holding Group officially announced the upgrading of Baidu Geely strategic cooperation, its new car robot brand "Ji Yue" was established, and the first model was named "Ji Yue 01". As a new Geely brand, people may be unfamiliar with the name "Jiyue Automobile", but in fact, Jiyue Automobile is considered to be renamed from Jidu Automobile. As for why to change the name, people familiar with the matter have said: "at present, the domestic automobile production qualification examination is strict, and the name change may be related to compliance."

Before the emergence of Jiyue Motors, Jidu Motors was jointly built by Geely and Baidu. Ji du Automobile can be regarded as the carrier of Baidu car. In January 2021, Baidu and Geely Holdings announced a partnership to build a car, based on Geely's newly developed global leading pure electric architecture, the vast SEA Intelligent Evolutionary experience Architecture, to work closely together in smart car manufacturing related areas to build smart cars. In December of the following year, Jidu Automobile took part in the 2022 Guangzhou International Auto Show and unveiled its ROBO-01. The car is based on Geely SEA's vast architecture and is positioned as a medium and large SUV.


According to the plan, the delivery of the first model of Jidu Automobile will begin in the third quarter of this year, but at the Shanghai Auto Show held in April this year, Jidu Automobile was forced to be absent from the Shanghai Auto Show because it did not have the qualification to build cars. According to media reports at the time, because Jidu Automobile did not have the qualification to build cars, and the relevant departments required that the participating car companies must have the qualification to build cars, the organizers of the Shanghai Auto Show rejected Jidu Automobile's request for participation. However, Jidu Motors later responded that the absence from the Shanghai auto show was made according to the marketing rhythm of its own products and was not rejected by the organizers because of its lack of qualifications.


As Jidu Automobile itself does not have the qualification to build cars, it is impossible to directly entrust Geely to produce them. In short, Jidu Automobile cannot be built on its own market. As a brand-new brand under Geely, Jiyue Automobile can naturally use Geely's qualifications to build cars, which may be the reason for the sudden change in the cooperative relationship between Geely and Baidu. Geely Automobile will be the producer of the "Jiyue" brand, while Jidu will become a "supplier". According to the plan, Geely Group will be responsible for the production and manufacture of Ji Yue Automobile products, and Baidu Group will provide services for Ji Yue in terms of AI technology capabilities such as smart cockpit, intelligent driving and Wen Xin Yi Yan.

It should be noted that with the reform of the automobile industry, car manufacturers are facing "speed of life and death". At present, the automobile industry is experiencing accelerated reshuffle, and as the industry enters a watershed, undelivered car companies such as Xiaomi Automobile have also become the focus of the industry's attention. After all, in the fierce "knockout", we all know that if the car companies do not come up with products, elimination is only a matter of time. As for the first model of Jiyue 01 after the launch, the future performance, we still need to wait for more time to verify.

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