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New energy brand sales in the new week, Tesla fell to the fourth.

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The latest week (9.11-9.17) brand sales of new energy vehicles are coming out! Judging from the latest list, BYD still ranks first in sales, topping the list with 51100 vehicles, followed by Ian and ideal cars, Tesla fell to fourth place, and Wuling ranked fifth. Volkswagen is the only foreign brand on the list, with sales of 4600 vehicles in the latest week, ranking sixth.


In the third week of September, BYD sold 51100 vehicles, of which the highest selling model was Seagull with 6953, Yuan PLUS with 5953 and dolphin with 5593, Qin PLUS DM-i and Song PLUS DM-i ranked fifth and sixth. In the MPV market, Tengli D9 sold 1942 vehicles, less than Buick GL8's 2346, but ranked first in the new energy MPV market, well ahead of Pentium NAT's 521.


Ian and Tesla switched rankings, with 9800 AION vehicles and 8400 Tesla vehicles. AION's main sources of sales are AION S and AION Y, with terminal sales of 4735 and 4612 respectively in the latest week, accounting for more than 95 per cent of total sales. As for Tesla, 97 per cent of sales came from Model Y, which sold 8146 models in the latest week, compared with 245 for the Model 3. At the beginning of this month, the new Model 3 was officially pre-sold, including 259900 yuan for the standard life version and 295900 yuan for the long-term version. According to the official website, delivery of the new Model 3 is currently scheduled to begin in the fourth quarter, that is, as soon as October.



The performance of the ideal car is relatively stable, ranking third with a score of 9100. Ideal L7, ideal L8 and ideal L9 sold 3225, 2829 and 2998 respectively, ranking 6th, 7th and 8th in the SUV list. It can be seen that the crazy price of domestic car brands did not have much impact on the ideal car.


The fifth to eighth brands are Wuling (8000), Volkswagen (4600), Changan (4100) and NIO (3900). The performance of these four brands is relatively stable. Car companies ranked ninth and tenth changed, with Geely and Deep Blue falling out of the top 10, replaced by Xiaopeng (3600) and zero running (3400).

A few days ago, Volkswagen spoke to ID. The price of the family electric car has been reduced. According to the official website of SAIC-Volkswagen, its ID.3, ID.4 X and ID.6 X models all offer time-limited preferential car purchase activities, of which ID.3 offers a maximum discount of 37000 yuan, starting from 125900 yuan after the discount, and can also enjoy an insurance subsidy of 3000 yuan in the first year. ID.4 X offers a limited time discount of 3.3-42000 yuan, and the post-discount price is 16.2888-241388 yuan. The limited time discount price of ID.6 X is 20.9888-243888 yuan, with a discount of 50, 000 yuan all over the department.

According to the FAW-Volkswagen website, its ID.6 CROZZ offers discount car purchase activities, with an official guided price of 25.89-336900 yuan, a time-limited transaction price of 21.39-291900 yuan, and a time-limited discount of 45000 yuan. In addition, the ID.4 CROZZ limited-time discount is 43500 yuan, the official guided price is 23.99-293900 yuan, and the limited-time transaction price is 19.64-250400 yuan. ID. The limited time transaction price of pure limited edition is 145900 yuan, the official guidance price is 193900 yuan, and the limited time discount is 48000 yuan.


According to the data, the highest sales of electric cars in the latest week were ID.3, which was 1855, while ID.4 CROZZ and ID.4 X were 1213 and 647 respectively. ID.6 CROZZ and ID.6 X are 227,87.

Also worth paying attention to is Xiaopeng car, the model with the highest sales in a week is Xiaopeng G6, which is 1724, and Xiaopeng P7 is 1142. According to the financial report, Xiaopeng is expected to deliver between 1.43 and 16300 vehicles in September. On September 19th, the 2024 Xiaopeng G9 was officially launched, with a total of five new models, with a price range of 263900 yuan. As a reference, the price range of the current Xiaopeng G9 is from 309900 yuan, equivalent to a drop of 46000 yuan.


As 2023 draws to a close, the marketing pace of car companies will accelerate and promotion efforts will be intensified in order to achieve quarterly sales targets. In the short term, the price war is indeed the magic weapon to improve sales, but in the long run, it puts forward new tests for manufacturers' brand premium, cost dilution and system maintenance. in the future, if car companies want to win competition, core innovation ability is the key to win.

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