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Subversive design! The imaginary picture of the new Toyota Camry has been exposed.

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A few days ago, a group of imaginary pictures of a brand new Toyota Camry model were exposed online. The new car is based on the TNGA-K platform and draws lessons from the design style of the 16th generation Toyota Crown, making the overall design more bold and dynamic. It is reported that the new Camry will be released and listed in 2024 and will continue to be sold domestically by Guangzhou Auto Toyota and FAW Toyota.

From the exposure of the imaginary diagram, compared with the models on sale, the appearance design of the new car has undergone earth-shaking changes, and the overall visual effect is quite cracked. Specifically, in terms of appearance, the new car is similar to the new generation crown, with a layered design, making it younger as a whole. The headlights have also been redesigned, with longer and narrower headlights with unique LED daytime driving lights to enhance the recognition of the whole vehicle.

On the side of the body, the overall lines of the new car are more smooth, with large-size wheels and black side skirts under the doors to create a sense of muscle and aura. The imaginary picture does not reveal the design style of the rear part of the new car, but judging from the bolder and dynamic front face design, there are also expected to be significant changes in the rear. Combined with the previously exposed spy photos, the rear part of the new car is expected to use the popular through taillights, and there is a ducktail design above the trunk cover, with a large black surround at the top and bottom.

On the power side, the new car is expected to launch a variety of power versions, including fuel version, hybrid version and plug-in hybrid version and so on.

The Camry is a classic model of Toyota, which was first introduced in 1982 and has gone through eight generations of model iterations. So far, Toyota Camry has a history of 43 years and has been sold to more than 100 countries and regions around the world, with cumulative sales of more than 21 million vehicles by the end of 2022.


In 1982, Toyota launched the front-drive model, the Camry, to replace the sixth-generation Toyota Corona and marked the official independence of the Camry line. Since then, Camry basically maintained the rhythm of every five years, and launched the fifth-generation model in 2002.

On September 1, 2004, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. was officially established, jointly funded by GAC GROUP and Toyota Motor Company at 50:50, with a cooperation period of 30 years and a registered capital of 1.692 billion yuan. Two years later, the sixth-generation Camry (XV40) was officially sold domestically and became the first mass-produced model of GAC Toyota under the Chinese name Camry, which is also defined by many car owners as "the most classic Camry". As soon as the Camry went public, it continued to sell well, triggering a price increase, and became the top seller in the domestic medium-sized car market since its second year on the market.


In August 2011, the seventh generation Camry was officially listed in China, with the launch of the new Camry (ordinary version) and Camry-Junrui (sports version), with 2.0L and 2.5L options, with a price range of 17.98-274800 yuan. In April 2012, the Camry Classic went on sale at a price of 182800 yuan and 193800 yuan, which can be directly understood as the resumption of production of the old Camry.

In November 2017, GAC Toyota launched the new Camry, which is the eighth-generation domestic model of Camry, which is based on TNGA architecture and almost subverts the design style of previous generations of models, making it younger and more radical. In terms of power, the new Camry offers 2.0L, 2.5L and 2.5L hybrid power to choose from.


In February 2021, the mid-term modified Camry was listed in China, with a total of 10 models, continuing the eighth-generation Camry double styling design style and upgrading the configuration in an all-round way, with a price range of 17.98-269800 yuan.

As a medium-sized car owned by Toyota, the Camry has outstanding sales in the Chinese market. Data show that from January to August this year, Camry accumulated sales of 139800 vehicles, ranking first in the list of medium-sized sedan sales.


It should be noted that at present, Mondeo, Red Flag H5, LaCrosse, Accord, Yingshi School and other medium-sized cars have been upgraded, and the Camry and Sonata will soon launch replacement models, at the same time, more and more domestic car companies have also begun to launch medium-sized electric vehicles, in this context, the competition in the medium-sized car market will be more fierce.

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