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Revived! The new Xiaopeng G9 broke 8000 after 72 hours on the market.

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Xiaopeng announced the sales results of the Xiaopeng G9 on its official Weibo today. The official statement said: good news! After the launch of the 2024 Xiaopeng G9, it will break 8000 in 72 hours! National delivery has been started, and then production will surge. At the same time, officials also said that Xiaopeng G9 has attracted the attention of netizens since its listing, ranking among the top three places on Weibo's hot list on the same day, with a cumulative total of more than 500m followers on Xiaopeng G9.


For the achievements of Xiaopeng G9, many netizens commented and left comments under its blog post. Some netizens said: Xiaopeng G9 has such achievements, mainly because G6 and G9 formed Gemini, do not buy other cars into the store scene.

Other netizens said they were surprised by the result of Xiaopeng G9, saying: this result is far better than expected. I thought it was only five or six thousand. It seems that consumers are very satisfied with Xiaopeng G9's pricing and product power. this is only a large quantity of 72 hours, and it will usher in the National Day holiday soon. with more and more test cars coming to the store and the influx of passengers, this number is even likely to double. In addition, some netizens pointed out that the most attractive thing about G9 is undoubtedly that the price is very powerful. For 300000, you can buy 702 range, 800V silicon carbide and smart driving.




On September 19th, Xiaopeng 2024 G9 went on the market, and the new car launched a total of five models, with a price range of 263900 yuan to 359900 yuan. Compared with the old model, the price has been greatly reduced by 46000 yuan. As a reference, the price range of the old G9 is 30.99-469900 yuan. It is worth noting that the Xiaopeng G9 is the most expensive model under Xiaopeng, with a starting price of more than 300000 yuan. It is the main model for Xiaopeng to increase its gross profit margin. For Xiaopeng, the market performance of the G9 is self-evident. However, the old G9 went on sale last year, and because the product configuration is too complex to distinguish the relationship between versions, it is difficult for many users to accept.


At that time, in view of these problems, Xiaopeng officials also urgently released "Pengyou unhappy?" Change! Xiaopeng G9 adjust the price and configuration "tweet, aiming at Xiaopeng G9 configuration information and price correction. Compared with the new car version before the modification, the naming of the new car is indeed a lot of standard, the biggest change is not to increase the price. However, these measures for Xiaopeng did not cause the improvement of Xiaopeng G9 sales. Relevant data show that the cumulative sales of the Xiaopeng G9 in 2022 is 6373. After entering 2023, Xiaopeng G9 sales have not improved. The Xiaopeng G9 sold 872 vehicles in August and 8008 from January to August 2023. This figure is really a big difference from the 8000 orders for the new Xiaopeng G9 on the market.


In fact, Xiaopeng's sales have been declining since the second half of last year. Relevant data show that Xiaopeng car sales began in June last year, sales for five consecutive months showed a month-on-month decline, until December to return to the delivery threshold of 10,000 vehicles. Xiaopeng delivered 120800 cars in 2022, up 23% from a year earlier, a marked decline compared with the 263% sales growth in the same period in 2021. In the first half of this year, Xiaopeng car sales were still poor, with cumulative sales of only 41400 vehicles, down 39.93% from the same period last year. With poor sales, total revenue has fallen. Data show that Xiaopeng's total revenue in the first half of this year was 9.1 billion yuan, down 38.9 percent from the same period last year, while the net loss widened to 5.14 billion yuan.

In view of this situation, Xiaopeng also began to carry out internal and external reforms in the second half of last year. Including the establishment of strategy, product planning, technology planning, production and marketing, OTA five major committees, the establishment of three product platform matrix, to ensure that customer-oriented and market-oriented, end-to-end responsible for the whole product business closed loop. In November of the same year, Xiaopeng Motor once again carried out the adjustment of its internal organizational structure and set up five virtual committee organizations to open up the communication channels of the company's various business lines, so as to improve the efficiency of cooperation.


In January this year, it was announced that Wang Fengying, former president of Great Wall Motor, joined Xiaopeng Motor. Xiaopeng has always been good at software services, self-driving and other technical areas, but not good at marketing services and channel construction. With Wang Fengying joining, Xiaopeng Motor can just make up for its shortcomings. At the same time, at the product technical level, Xiaopeng released the "shake structure". In terms of models, the release of Xiaopeng G6 model, which is also known as Xiaopeng car "turnaround", successfully stopped the decline of Xiaopeng car sales, Xiaopeng car sales rose to 13690 in August.


With the arrival of the 2024 G9, Xiaopeng's sales may further increase. However, in the context of the fierce competition for new energy vehicles, the new G9 will also face a series of challenges if it wants to have a place.

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