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The maximum drop is 90,000! Jeep Horse Shepherd opens time-limited official surrender

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Recently, Jeep officially launched a time-limited flash sale activity for its off-road model, the Horse Shepherd. According to official posters, the price of the four-door version of the Shepherd Horse Highland model is 429914, that of Conglin Green standard paint is 429670, and that of beach powder standard car paint is 429437 yuan. The price of the Robin Hood four-door model is 490114 yuan. Compared with earlier prices, these prices range from 34986 yuan to 90463 yuan.



In fact, this is not the first time the Horse Shepherd has cut prices. In early July, Jeep officially adjusted the prices of several models of its horseman / gladiator. The models involved are 2.0T Highland four-door version, 2.0T Robin Hood four-door version, 2.0T 4xe Sahara and New Energy four-door 4xe Robin Hood, JEEP Gladiator 3.6L advance version and other models, with a price reduction of up to 70,000 yuan.

Among them, the price of the four-door version of Shepherd 2.0T Highland has been reduced by 35000 yuan to 464900 yuan from 499900 yuan earlier. The price of the 2.0T Robin Hood four-door version has been reduced by 40, 000 yuan from 569900 yuan to 529900 yuan. The price of Shepherd New Energy four 20T 4xe Sahara has been reduced by 40, 000 yuan, from 554900 yuan earlier to 514900 yuan, and the price of Robin Hood of New Energy four door 2.0T 4xe has been reduced by 55000 yuan, from 634900 yuan to 579900 yuan. The model with the biggest reduction is the JEEP Gladiator 3.6L advance version, with a price reduction of 70, 000 yuan and an adjusted price of 449900 yuan.


Of course, the price reduction policy launched by the "Horse Shepherd" has something to do with the background of the current price war among car companies. Since Tesla announced the price reduction in January this year, a "price war" in the automobile industry has been started, and many car companies have followed suit to adjust the price of their models. In March, Hubei launched the strongest discount season for car purchases in history, pushing the price war to a high point. According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 50 car brands, hundreds of models through price reduction, subsidies and other different forms of concessions to join the price war. In the second half of the year, the price war did not end but intensified. Since August, a number of car brands have once again launched a price war, including zero-running cars, Xiaopeng cars, Nawei cars, Great Wall Motor, Volkswagen, Tesla and so on.

In the context of the resurgence of the car price war, the "horse herder" may have to follow suit. After all, for consumers, the lower the price, the higher the attention. In addition, car companies to reduce the price of models also has a certain help to increase sales. However, although price reduction can enable car companies to achieve sales growth in a short period of time, it can not become the magic weapon of long-term sales target growth, and eventually have to return to product power.


In addition, from the "Horse Shepherd" downgrade of the model point of view, basically are the old model. According to Automotive Industry concern, as a well-known off-road vehicle brand of Chrysler, Jeep in the Chinese market is introduced and sold by Jeep China in the form of imports. Earlier, horse herders were sought after by some domestic consumers for their unique appearance and excellent off-road performance. On July 24, the new Jeep Horse Shepherd officially launched five new models with a price range of 49.99-639900 yuan. The biggest difference between the new car and the old model is that it has been upgraded in terms of appearance and interior. The launch of 2024 models may also be one of the reasons why the old horse herders cut their prices.


In addition, in recent years, the market for hard off-road vehicles has become more and more popular, and the launch of tank 300 has ignited the market for hard-line off-road vehicles. Great Wall has also launched various modified models for tank 300, as well as tank 500. Other car companies have also seen this market, and are also launching hard off-road models one after another. For example: Beijing Auto launched BJ60, BYD's brand equation Leopard launched Leopard 5, Chery's upcoming shortcut traveler, and so on.

As the competition becomes more and more fierce, horse herders naturally have to make a series of measures in line with the current market. As a reference, the price of the tank is 19.88-302800 yuan, the price is 33.5-395000 yuan, and the blind price range of the equation Leopard 5 is 30-400000 yuan, while the earlier price of the horse herder is basically between 49.99 yuan and 634900 yuan. For most consumers, the price threshold is relatively high, in the same type of vehicles, the advantage is not obvious, sales are naturally not ideal. Figures show that horse herders sold 340 vehicles in August, compared with a cumulative terminal sales of 2746 this year.

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