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The wave of price cuts is coming again! A number of car companies have announced price cuts

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In 2023,"price war" has always been the main theme of the automobile market. With the arrival of the National Day, there are many car companies have launched time-limited preferential policies.

On September 28, BYD announced on its official micro blog that frigate 07 launched a time-limited preferential policy. From October 1,2023 to October 31,2023, you can enjoy a cash discount of 12,000 yuan for purchasing frigate 07. At the same time, you can also superimpose 0 interest for 2 years, 5000 yuan replacement subsidy, free charging pile and installation service within 2 years, etc. After comprehensive discount, the price range of frigate 07 is 190,800 yuan-277,800 yuan.


It is understood that BYD frigate 07 is a model launched by BYD Ocean Network. It was launched in December last year and positioned as a medium-sized SUV. The price starts at 202,800 yuan. In terms of appearance of the new car, the front face adopts the design concept of "marine aesthetics", with large size air intake grille, and narrow lamp groups integrated with the air intake grille on both sides, so that the vehicle has high recognition after lighting. In terms of power, frigate 07 is equipped with 1.5T plug-in hybrid power, torque is 300 N·m, maximum output power is 116kW, and power consumption for 100 kilometers is 2.1L.


In fact, since this year, in order to seize market share, BYD not only accelerated the launch of new models, but also launched time-limited preferential policies for many of its models. On August 31, BYD launched BYD Tang DM-i Champion Edition. As the "sister" model of frigate 07, the new car has a discount of 32,000 yuan compared with the price of the old model, and the price of the new car is 249,800 yuan. The launch of this model may have a certain impact on the sales of frigate 07. In addition, frigate 07 sales compared with BYD's other models sales, has been five consecutive months of month-on-month decline. Or in this context, BYD also hopes to drive sales growth of frigate 07 through time-limited preferential policies. Data show that frigate 07 sales in August was 3,058 units.


It is worth noting that, in addition to BYD frigate 07 launched a time-limited preferential policy, BYD's Tengshi car also announced that for Tengshi N7 launched a time-limited car purchase rights, pay 2,000 yuan deposit can deduct 22000 car models. In addition to the price reduction of 20,000 yuan, car buyers can also get 3,000 yuan worth 6,000 yuan customized color, 12,000 yuan worth 15,000 yuan high-speed intelligent driving package, 23,000 yuan worth 28,000 yuan high-level intelligent driving full enjoyment package, worry-free driving, 0 interest loans and other rights.


In addition to BYD, yesterday there was also a promotional map on the Cadillac CT5 model time-limited inventory clearance activities spread on the Internet. According to the picture, the current Cadillac CT5 model time-limited inventory clearance activity starts at 199,700 yuan. It is understood that 2023 Cadillac CT5 was launched in April this year, with a price range of 2897 - 361,700 yuan. If calculated according to 289,700 yuan, the preferential strength is as high as 90,000 yuan, and the preferential strength is still quite high.


Today, Tesla also launched a big move, launching a new Model Y model, the new car on the basis of the Model Y upgrade, new multi-color atmosphere lights, new dashboard trim, new wheel style and other configurations, but the price remains unchanged from the old model. At the same time, Tesla officials also introduced referral rewards, in addition to "new owners" have 3500 yuan final deduction, old owners can also get 7000 points reward. In addition, zero-run cars today also launched time-limited to 10,000 yuan preferential subsidies for their zero-run T03 models. After comprehensive subsidies, the price of zero-run T03 models started as low as 49,900 yuan.



With the increasingly fierce competition of new energy vehicles, many automobile enterprises have also adopted the price-for-quantity method, hoping to maintain the competitiveness of the market in the fast-developing automobile market. However, for the entire automobile market environment, price war is not a long-term solution, although the price reduction for consumers has a certain attraction, can stimulate car sales, ease the industry inventory pressure, but frequent "price war" will also affect the profit space of automobile enterprises.

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