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GAC Honda Odyssey exported to Japan

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A few days ago, "Automotive Industry concern" learned from GAC Honda officials that ODYSSEY models produced by GAC Honda's Zengcheng plant were officially exported to the Japanese market. It is understood that this is the first time that Honda has imported new cars from China to the Japanese market for sale, and GAC Honda will also promote its export business to other countries in the future.


Specifically, the Japanese Odyssey entry model will be equipped with 17-inch rims, front seat heating, second row seat heating, navigation, leather steering wheel and panoramic image and other functions, the overall configuration is slightly higher than the domestic sharp premium version (sold since 250800) The middle-equipped model is upgraded to 18-inch rims, equipped with front wireless charging, rear car induction opening and leather seats, which is close to the domestic sharp premium version (sold from 328800); the high-end model mainly adds a blackening kit, similar to the domestic Black Edition Night Suite, with a smoked design of front grille chrome trim, exterior rearview mirror and rear lights, and an exclusive logo of "Black Edition" added to the rear.


On the power side, the new Odyssey still has a 2.0L hybrid system with a maximum engine power of 146hp (107kW) and a peak torque of 175Nm, matched by an E-CVT transmission. While the whole system meets the national 6B emission standard, it is officially announced that its comprehensive fuel consumption is 5.88L/100km.

Affected by the epidemic, the global chip shortage and other factors, in order to control production costs, coupled with the gradual decline of consumer demand for cars and MPV models in the Japanese market, and to ensure profitability, Honda announced the closure of the Shirayama plant in Saitama Prefecture at the end of 2021, making Odyssey, Legend and Clarity models bid farewell to the Japanese market. However, after the suspension of Odyssey production in Japan, many consumers expressed a strong willingness to buy, so it began to spread that Honda plans to reverse introduce Odyssey from China into the Japanese market.


Why did Odyssey return to the Japanese market? While the Odyssey has boosted consumer demand in Japan, it does not allow Honda to reopen the production line to produce the model, and it may be more cost-effective to produce the Odyssey for the Japanese market through GAC Honda's production line. Of course, because it is an imported model, its price will not be very low.

Sales of the Odyssey in the domestic market are relatively mediocre. Retail data show that the Odyssey sold 25210 vehicles from January to August 2023, together with the sister model Ericsson, which sold 21770, so Odyssey actually sold 49800 vehicles in China, ranking fifth in the MPV market and lower than GAC Toyota Sina.


At present, the domestic MPV market as a whole is in a stage of strong competition, and many car brands have released MPV models during the year, such as extreme Krypton 009, Teng Teng D9, Buick Century and Lanto Dreamer, focusing on high-end or new energy alternatives. With these models landing on the market one after another, old players in the MPV field will inevitably be hit, including the Odyssey. In this context, increasing export channels to expand sales is a way to save the Odyssey.


It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the Odyssey, it is rumored not long ago that the new Accord will be imported into the Japanese market in the way of reverse import cars, with only e:HEV plug-in hybrid version, divided into Touring Line and Sports Line appearance styles, but the news has not been officially confirmed.

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