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Sales are booming! Ask the new M7 Dading 30000 sets

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On October 1st, the official QQ released the sales figures of the new M7. The official statement said: since it went on sale on September 12, the new M7 will reach 30000 in September!


In fact, it is not surprising that sales of the new M7 have become popular. The new M7 went on sale on Sept. 12 and is available in two versions, Big five and six, with an official guidance price of 24.98-329800 yuan. Compared with the old model, the starting price of the new car is 40,000 yuan cheaper than the old one. As a reference, the price range of the M7 is 31.98-379800 yuan.

In addition to the price advantage, the new M7 also spent 500 million yuan on body safety, chassis and performance, space design and layout, smart driving and smart cockpit upgrades, such as front and rear suspension double FSD variable damping shock absorbers, newly adjusted chassis adjustment, car interior space and seat comfort optimization, intelligent torque adjustment 2.0 system, etc. In terms of delivery, it is to be delivered on the market, which can not only shorten the waiting period after ordering, but also improve the car purchase experience of consumers.


In addition, in the first batch of 2022 evaluation models released by Baoyan in the middle of last year, the A-pillar was bent and deformed in the 25% offset collision test of the M7. The incident also triggered a heated discussion among the majority of netizens at that time. This time, Huawei has invested 280 million yuan in safety, remolded the body structure of the new M7, revamped the welding production line, the body uses submarine-grade high-strength steel, and at the press conference, officials also announced the collision test of the new M7, whether it is a harsh 25% front bias small-angle collision, or conventional forward and side collisions, all get "G" results. Introducing the new M7, Huawei Yu Chengdong also said that the new car has been fully upgraded out of sight, one of which is a comprehensive upgrade of the body-in-white, which is stronger and safer.


In terms of smart driving, the new M7 is equipped with a HUAWEI ADS 2.0 driving assistance system. Huawei Yu Chengdong said that in December this year, the HUAWEI ADS 2.0 system will be able to achieve high-level driving assistance across the country without relying on high-precision maps; in terms of interior, the new M7 model also adds entertainment screens in the second row to provide entertainment for riders to pass the time. In terms of pure battery life, the battery energy of the new M7 remains the same as that of the old model, but the battery life of the new M7 has improved, with the two-wheel drive version rising from 230 km to 240 km and the all-wheel drive version from 200 km to 210 km.

In terms of policy, the current purchase of the new M7 can enjoy a cash discount of 6000 yuan, a matching fund of 12000 yuan for internal and external decoration, an optional installation right of 15000 yuan, and a replacement subsidy of 10,000 yuan, totaling up to 43000 yuan. At the same time, in addition to the exclusive discount during the first sale period, car buyers can also enjoy the preemptive right to purchase Huawei Mate60 series phones or Huawei Mate X5 phones.


Thanks to the various advantages of the new M7, the car has also been favored by the majority of users as soon as it is listed. Official figures show that orders for the new M7 exceeded 15000 within 24 hours of its launch. The hot sale of the new M7 has also led to the growth of Cyrus secondary market data. On September 14, Cyrus opened at 41.99 yuan per share. On September 18, Selis closed by the daily limit, and the share price rose 10.01% to 51.00 yuan. As for the trading limit, Cyrus also issued a reply to the letter of inquiry about the abnormal fluctuations in the stock trading of Cyrus Group Co., Ltd. Official said: since the launch of the new M7 in AITO, it has aroused some media attention and heated discussion. In addition, there are no media reports or market rumors that may have a great impact on stock trading prices. According to the company's self-examination, the company's current production and business activities are normal and no major changes have taken place.


Asked about the sales performance of the new M7, Yu Chengdong, Huawei's smart car solution, said: "warm congratulations, it's a record!" Finally, I got up again from the place where M7 fell and continued to work hard! " Looking back at 2023, sales were not ideal, and they were not what they used to be after car companies started a price war and Huawei Ren Zhengfei stressed that Huawei / HUAWEI could not be used in vehicle promotion and appearance. Although after Tesla announced the price reduction at the beginning of the year, the question world also followed the price reduction, but the effect of the price reduction is indeed negligible.

Relevant data show that sales in August were 3263, down 67.52% from a year earlier, down 67.52% from January to August to 33264, down 15.64% from a year earlier. For comparison, AITO sales reached 75000 in 2022 and 10098 in August 2022.


The launch of the new M7 ushered in a boom in the market, which undoubtedly became the main force in reviving sales in the world. However, for the industry, in the environment of increasingly fierce competition for new energy, it is unrealistic to rely solely on a new car to reverse the decline in sales. In addition to asking about the new M7, other popular models still have to appear if you want momentum. According to official planning, in addition to the launch of the new M7 this year, the AITO M9 will also go on sale in December, and it will take time to see whether the emergence of the M9 will become another popular model.

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