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Personnel shock! China Changan Automobile Group has an important official declaration.

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On the evening of October 9, China Changan Automobile Group (hereinafter referred to as "China Changan") officially announced that China Changan Automobile Group Co., Ltd. held a general meeting of cadres and workers. The meeting announced the decision of the leading party group of the Arms and equipment Group on the adjustment of the chairman and secretary of the party committee of China Changan Automobile Group Co., Ltd.: comrade Zhao Fei was appointed chairman and party committee secretary of China Changan Automobile Group Co., Ltd. He will no longer serve as president and deputy secretary of the party committee of China Changan Automobile Group Co., Ltd. The appointment and removal of relevant posts shall be handled in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and articles of association.


At present, Zhao Fei's position has been updated on China's Chang'an official website. The leadership of China's Chang'an is composed of Zhao Fei, Liu Zhiyan, Zhu Xingjia, Ma Hong, Gao Jun and Chen Guijun.


Data show that China Changan Automobile Group Co., Ltd. was established in December 2005, affiliated to China Arms equipment Group Co., Ltd., is one of China's four major automobile groups. By the end of 2022, the company controls, participates in and escrow 27 enterprises (including 4 listed companies) and 98 full-level enterprises. At present, it has formed four main industry sectors: auto parts, auto sales and service, auto logistics and automotive ecosphere, with the spare parts supply capacity of full-stack solutions, and the business covers the whole automotive industry chain. Its spare parts business includes power transmission and electric drive, chassis, thermal management, intelligent cockpit four major system business and piston, supercharger and other special business, customers cover more than 40 domestic and foreign vehicle enterprises, the global auto parts enterprises ranked 96th in 2021, and China ranked 14th.

Although the personnel change in Changan, China is not directly related to Chongqing Changan Automobile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Changan Automobile"), Zhao Fei's past work experience has been closely related to Changan Automobile.

According to public data, Zhao Fei was born in July 1974 in Liaoning, Han nationality, with a master's degree and a senior engineer. As a veteran in the automotive industry, Zhao Fei has held many positions in the automotive field, including executive vice president of Chongqing Changan Automobile Co., Ltd.; Technical Director and Technical quality Manager of engine Department of Changan Ford Mazda Automobile Co., Ltd.; Director of engine Department of Changan Ford Mazda Automobile Co., Ltd.; Director of engine Technology Institute of Changan Automobile Research Institute; Deputy Director of Changan engine Plant No. 4 Deputy General Manager of Science and Technology Development Department of China Changan Group; Director and General Manager of Harbin Dongan Automobile engine Manufacturing Co., Ltd.; Party Committee Secretary and Chairman of Harbin Dongan Automobile engine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Changan Automobile Co., Ltd. assistant president, minister of strategic planning, party branch secretary, company vice president, Changan automobile executive vice president and chief Anford executive vice president, party committee secretary.

Judging from Zhao Fei's previous work experience, his resume in the automotive field is quite rich.


In 2018, Zhao Fei was transferred to Changan Ford, replacing he Zhaobing as executive vice president of Changan Ford. At that time, Changan Ford was at a low ebb due to the sharp decline in sales. Data show that Changan Ford sold only 184000 vehicles in 2019. Zhao Fei's appearance can be said to be ordered by the crisis. Fortunately, under the leadership of Zhao Fei and others, Changan Ford has been in a period of positive strategic adjustment through measures such as "Ford China 2.0" strategy and "330 product plan". Since then, Ford has actively promoted the transformation in the field of electrification and intelligence with the brand spirit of "avant-garde innovation". In the end, Changan Ford stopped falling in 2020 and achieved year-on-year growth of more than 20% the following year. Changan Ford's sales rose 20.29% year-on-year to 304700 vehicles in 2021, according to the data.


Zhao Fei (first from right)

According to the financial report, the operating income of Changan Ford from 2018 to 2021 is 49.754 billion yuan, 28.096 billion yuan, 49.248 billion yuan and 61.765 billion yuan respectively, and the net profit is-792 million yuan,-3.85 billion yuan, 15.75 million yuan and 2.284 billion yuan respectively. Among them, Changan Ford's annual net profit accounted for 64.30% of Changan's total profit in 20111.

Four years later, in 2022, Zhao Fei returned from Changan Ford to Changan Automobile headquarters as Executive Vice President, in charge of Auchan Automotive and quality Plate, the second passenger car brand of Changan Automobile. In December of the same year, Zhao Feisheng became president and deputy secretary of the party committee of China Changan Automobile Group Co., Ltd. At that time, the industry believed that this was a side affirmation of its contribution in the period of Changan Ford. Financial data show that in 2022, Changan Ford's operating income was 51.067 billion yuan, and its net profit was-2.449 billion yuan, turning profit into loss.


On October 9, Changan Automobile released the latest production and sales figures. Data show that from January to September this year, the cumulative sales of Changan Automobile reached 1.8696 million vehicles, an increase of 11.24% over the same period last year. Among them, the number of independent brands was 1.5492 million, up 17.10% over the same period last year; the number of independent passenger cars was 1.1786 million, up 23.87%; and the overseas sales of independent brands was 173800, up 24.70%.


Judging from the above sales, Changan Ford and Changan Mazda, the joint venture brands of Changan Automobile, are not doing well, with the former falling 12.76 per cent year-on-year to 166800 and the latter down 34.08 per cent to 55400 in the first nine months of this year. In fact, in the past few years, the life of Changan Automobile is actually not good. Like other large automakers, they need to rely on joint venture brands to maintain market development, but in the context of declining joint venture brands and shrinking profits, Changan Automobile has to speed up the development of independent new energy vehicles.


Compared with the two joint venture brands of Changan Ford and Changan Mazda, the independent brand of Changan Automobile has more attention. In the field of new energy vehicles, Changan Automobile has covered three major markets of low, middle and high end. Among them, the Avita brand focuses on the high-end market, which is jointly built by Changan, Ningde Times and Huawei. Avita 11 is the first model, positioning the medium-sized pure electric SUV; dark blue brand to focus on the middle and high-end market, the brand is developed by Changan Automobile, Changan New Energy is the leading operator, and the first model is Changan SL03. The Changan LUMIN brand focuses on the low-end market, and the first model is Changan Lumin waxy corn, which competes for minicars such as Wuling Hongguang MINIEV and Chery QQ ice cream.


In addition, Changan Automobile also played another card-Changan Qiyuan, which is a brand new product series of Changan Automobile, which belongs to the first class with Changan, UNI and Auchan. In other words, Changan Qiyuan is absolutely controlled by Changan Automobile, and the profits and losses generated by Changan Automobile are borne by Changan Automobile, while Avita belongs to a joint venture (41% owned by Changan Automobile), and Deep Blue Automobile belongs to a holding subsidiary (51% owned by Changan Automobile). The income generated has to be shared out, which is also the reason why Changan Automobile launched Qiyuan.


According to the plan, Changan plans to stop selling fuel vehicles in 2025, which means that time is running out for its electrification transformation. Judging from the current market performance, fuel vehicles are still the tone for Changan Automobile to maintain the overall market, while the layout of the new energy vehicle market has not yet reflected the due market effect. Judging from the current development of domestic new energy vehicles, the road for the transformation of Changan new energy vehicles will not be very smooth, and the more bloody market competition is still in front of Changan Automobile.

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