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GAC Toyota will stop production of three models

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Guangzhou Auto Toyota's YARiS L Zhixian, YARiS L Zhixuan and Guangzhou Auto Toyota iA5 models will be discontinued after the last batch of existing cars are sold by local dealers, Auto Home reported.


Retail data show that YARiS L sold 26243 vehicles from January to August in 2023, including 260,92 and 14 from June to August, respectively. As for YARiS L Holiday, it sold only 26 vehicles in the first eight months of 2023, and sales figures have not been available since June.


Guangzhou Automobile Toyota YARiS L and FAW Toyota Wechi are sister models to each other, and the latest generation of models have been sold for 10 years.

On November 6, 2013, FAW Toyota's new Wechi officially went on sale, with a price of 6.98-112800 yuan. On November 20, 2013, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota YARiS L officially went on sale, with a price of 6.98-108800 yuan. Although it is a sister model, the YARiS L is obviously different from Wechi and overseas models in appearance, and the thousands of cars have become more athletic after redesign.


On March 21, 2017, FAW Toyota Wechi FS officially went on sale at a price of 6.98-109800 yuan, a hatchback version. On March 9, 2017, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota YARiS L was officially launched, based on the same platform of Wechi, as a YARiS L hatchback version.

On August 9th, the new Toyota Yaris Ativ was officially released. As a third-generation model, the new car is based on DNGA (Daihatsu New Global Architecture) architecture and uses the latest family design language in appearance. It is understood that Toyota's new Yaris Ativ will also be sold in many markets under the name Vios in the future, and is expected to take the lead in landing in Southeast Asia.


Toyota Yaris Ativ locates a small hatchback, corresponding to FAW Toyota YARiS L and Guangzhou Automobile Toyota YARiS L respectively. If GAC Toyota stops production of YARiS L and YARiS L, then if FAW Toyota introduces Toyota Yaris Ativ into production, it may become a unique model of FAW Toyota. Of course, it does not rule out the possibility that FAW Toyota will stop producing Wechi. After all, Wechi's sales are not even as dazzling as YARiS L, with sales of 19488 vehicles from January to August in 2023.

Today, the small car market seems to have become the world of new energy vehicles, such as BYD dolphin, Ola good cat and other models have significantly better performance than traditional joint venture cars, in the context of the market position is no longer, competitors are becoming more and more strong, it may be reasonable to abandon low-price, low-sales models.

As for the Guangzhou Automobile Toyota iA5, this model may be unfamiliar and unique. It is understood that GAC Toyota iA5 is the first pure electric vehicle under GAC Toyota, although it is the first pure EV under GAC Toyota, but its overall shape is basically the same as GAC AION S, only in the headlights and taillights and other parts to make changes, and the front and rear suspension is also GAC Ean's logo, can be said to be a Toyota model based on Aion S, can also be said to be an AION S shell Toyota. In terms of price, the 2022 models currently on sale range from 15.98 yuan to 192800 yuan. However, sales of this model are also untraceable, which may also explain why GAC Toyota stopped production of the model.


At present, the performance of Guangzhou Auto Toyota in the new energy vehicle market is relatively general. Retail data show that GAC-Toyota sold 5380 bZ4X vehicles from January to August in 2023, while Carola dual-engine E+ sold only 434 vehicles. At the same time, with the change of the market pattern, the market position of GAC Toyota has also changed. GAC Toyota sold a total of 685800 vehicles in the first three quarters, down 10.33% from the same period last year.

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