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It is exposed that a new force is completely out of service!

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The phrase "watching him rise a tall building, entertain his guests, and see his building collapse" is a perfect description of Weimar. Following the bankruptcy review of Weima Motor, a new force in car building, Weima Motor was exposed to be completely suspended.

On October 11, a number of media reported that Weimar owners reported that the network of Bluetooth keys and remote control functions of "Weimar Zhixing" and "Serena Williams" was unusually unavailable, and it was suspected that the backstage service had been suspended. In addition, the Weima 400 customer service hotline has also been busy and can not be connected normally.

"Automotive Industry concern" also showed that it could not be used properly when viewing the official websites of Weimar Zhihang App, Weima Zhihang Mini Program and Weima Automobile.

Customer service at two Weima customer centers in Shanghai said it was related to the backstage of Weimar, and now all Weimar vehicles have encountered the above problems, and there is no way to solve them after sale, China Business reported. In addition, at present, the quality assurance commitment of Weima has not been counted, and all the maintenance items of car owners need to be paid at their own expense, and at present, there are only some small and medium-sized accessories left after sale, such as maintenance parts, batteries, motors and other large accessories have been cut off.


Weimar officials have not responded to the above news.

On October 10, Weima Automotive Technology Group Co., Ltd. applied for bankruptcy review, and the handling court was the Shanghai No. 3 Intermediate people's Court.

In the afternoon, Weimar issued a "notification letter" on the official Weibo, saying that in view of the fact that Weima still has commercial and salvage value, the corporate governance structure is still complete, has the basic ability to negotiate independently, and some creditors are willing to restructure. Shanghai No. 3 Intermediate people's Court accepted Weima Automotive Technology Group's application for pre-reorganization on October 7, 2023.

At present, Weimar is mired in debt. Heavenly Eye check information shows that Weima Automobile has a total of 21 messages, with a total amount of more than 100 million yuan. At the same time, the company also has a number of equity freeze information, the latest one is September 27, the person to be executed is Suzhou Weima Wisdom Travel Technology Co., Ltd., the frozen equity amount is 6 billion yuan, and the freeze period is from September 27, 2023 to September 26, 2026. The enforcement court is the Shanghai Pudong New area people's Court.


In addition, the shares of Weimar Automobile affiliated companies have also been frozen many times. Among them, Weimar Wenzhou Manufacturing's stake was frozen in March, while Hubei Xinghui was frozen twice this year. In addition, on Aug. 22, the company was filed for bankruptcy restructuring by a manufacturing supplier in Shanghai, the company that produces Weima Motor, which mainly produces Weimar W6 models.

For Weimar, there may be early signs of what is happening today. Since last year, news such as pay cuts and layoffs, store closures, factory shutdowns, wage arrears, rent arrears, APP shutdown, unanswered customer service calls, founder Cheng Laolai and other news have become after-dinner conversations, and these negative news are also regarded as Weimar's unprecedented development crisis.


After entering 2023, the Weima automobile factory almost completely stopped production, and its after-sales system is also close to collapse. Although Weimar also made a lot of self-rescue measures, but after several struggles, it finally failed to hold up. In September, Weimar's Shanghai headquarters building was reported to have been emptied, and less than a month later, Weimar entered the bankruptcy review process.

So far, Weimar's models for sale include EX5, W6, E.5 and M7, but they are almost out of production and sales. Now Weimar Motor filed for bankruptcy review, how to protect the rights and interests of consumers and dealers has also become the focus of attention. With the development of intelligence, the delisting of any car brand is somewhat worrying for consumers, after all, it involves the follow-up maintenance and quality assurance of vehicles. As an electric car brand, discontinued service means that the vehicle function is invalid. Therefore, how to protect the rights and interests of consumers has also become a new topic for the automobile industry in the future.


Weima Automobile pointed out in the "notification letter": "through the pre-restructuring process, the company will thoroughly review the company's operation and business model, and comprehensively optimize all departments and business sectors in order to reduce costs, improve efficiency and achieve sustainable development. At the same time, Weimar will also introduce strategic investors around the world. Weima Motor also stressed: "Weima is in operational difficulties, but Weima will not lie flat, let alone fall down. It hopes to actively save itself by adjusting corporate strategy, solving financial debt problems, and obtaining investors to participate in restructuring and development."


At noon today, Weimar issued a notice on the official Weibo to declare the pre-restructuring of Weima Automotive Technology Group Co., Ltd., that is to say, Weima will seek "rebirth" through the introduction of strategic investors. But the industry believes that although Weimar has not given up saving itself, it is not easy for Weima, which is struggling on the brink of life and death, to "live".

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