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Limited time discount! Buick Micro Blue 6 sold from 99800

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A few days ago, the SAIC GM Buick brand announced the official launch of the 2024 Buick micro-blue 6 430km version, with a total of two configuration models, the comfortable version and the more enjoyable version, priced at 112800 yuan and 115800 yuan respectively. It is worth mentioning that the car can enjoy the official limited discount, after the discount price from 99800 yuan, and limited to 5000 cars, enjoy Buick brand 8 years / 160000 km three electrical quality assurance service.


It is understood that the Buick Micro Blue 6 430km version was officially launched at the 2023 Chengdu Auto Show, that is to say, the new car was launched annually after only two months on the market, and the official guidance price remained the same, starting from 115800 yuan, but the 99800 yuan after the discount was obviously more sincere than other competing models.

As a modified model, the 2024 Buick Light Blue 6 has no change in appearance, and it still uses the integrated design of closed front grille headlights combined with it, and the tusk shape that surrounds the vertical layout on both sides looks more dynamic. The rear shape design is more complex, and the interior of the taillights on both sides shows an upside-down "L" shape, which has a certain degree of recognition after lighting. In terms of size, the Buick Light Blue 6 has a length, width and height of 4673/1817/1519mm and a wheelbase of 2660mm, positioning a compact pure electric vehicle.



Interior decoration has not changed, the center console is still equipped with 10-inch full LCD dashboard and 10-inch HD touch screen, integrated panoramic canopy with electric sunshade, electric seat, nano-sized anti-PM2.5 air conditioning filter, automatic constant temperature air conditioning and other configurations, but constant speed cruise, Bluetooth key, keyless entry, rear seat air outlet and other configurations have been cancelled. Generally speaking, the 2024 Buick micro-blue 6 430km version does not compare with domestic new energy in terms of configuration, but it still meets the needs of daily use.


In terms of power, the 2024 Buick Micro Blue 6 430km version is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 130kW and a maximum torque of 265Nm. At the same time, the battery pack with a matching capacity of 50.3 kilowatt hours has been adjusted from ternary lithium battery to lithium iron phosphate battery with a pure electric range of 430km under CLTC condition.

The price of Buick Micro Blue 6 does have a certain competitive advantage. Compared with Volkswagen ID.3 from 125900 yuan, or BYD dolphin from 116800 yuan, Buick Blue 6 surpasses its competitors in body size and product price. Of course, in terms of appearance design and intelligent configuration, the micro-blue 6, which is not based on the Orteneng platform, does not perform as well as the above two models.


According to the official website, there are three new energy models currently on sale under the Buick brand, namely Buick E5, Buick E4 and Buick Micro Blue 6. Among them, Buick E5 went on sale in April this year, positioning medium and large pure electric SUV, which is Buick's first pure electric vehicle based on Orteergy pure electric platform, with a price range of 20.89-278900 yuan. According to the data, Buick E5 sold a total of 17169 vehicles from April to September in 2023, of which 4866 were sold in September, while Micro Blue 6 was the highest-selling new energy vehicle, with 25147 in the first three quarters and 3587 in September.


Under the circumstances that the fuel vehicle purchase tax halving policy withdraws, new energy vehicles continue to rise, and the overall car market is relatively depressed, car companies can only survive and eat more market share through price reduction promotion. Of course, price cuts can effectively increase orders and further promote the continued release of car demand, but it is generally believed that the main purpose of price cuts is to hit competitors, after all, unconventional price cuts will certainly put other brands under pricing pressure. Therefore, the price war may be able to increase sales, but if you want to stabilize the market without being held back by other brands, core innovation ability is the key to success.

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