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From 129800 RMB! The new Elantra N Line goes on sale

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On October 21, Beijing Hyundai's new Elantra N Line officially launched three new models with a price range of 12.98-149800 yuan. As a medium-term revamped version of the new model, the car is based on the new Elantra N Line version kit, while the power will be equipped with a 1.4T engine, visual effects and driving controls have been sports upgrades.


In terms of appearance, the new car adopts a new design style, the front face is divided into obvious layers with three horizontal structures, creating a wide body effect, and the inner structure of the front grille adopts regular distribution of honeycomb hexagonal shape, inlaid with N Line logo to show identity, together with the lower three-segment air intake and the red elements of the front lip, further enhance the visual impact. At the same time, the multiple rib lines of the engine bulge also appropriately increase the muscle sense of the vehicle. It is worth mentioning that the new car will also provide matte car paint for consumers to choose from.



On the side of the body, the new Elantra N Line still uses a very sharp waistline design, which is very athletic and has a sense of strength. At the same time, the red element trim will also decorate the bottom edges on both sides, with the chic rim shape, which is also very eye-catching. In the rear part, the new car continues to adopt the through-type taillight group design, and the shape of the lamp belt on both sides is integrated into the T-shaped design elements, which has a high degree of recognition. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4725/1810/1415mm and the wheelbase is 2720mm, which is basically the same as the Elantra basic version.


When entering the car, the car adopts a connected screen design composed of a full liquid crystal instrument and a large-size suspended central control screen, combined with a double-spoke multi-function steering wheel with a strong youthful flavor. At the same time, as the N Line version, it adds N logo and proper blackening treatment to the details of the steering wheel and seats, which has a high degree of recognition.


On the power side, the new Elantra N Line will be powered by a 1.4T turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 140hp (103kW), peak torque of 211N ·m and a seven-speed double-clutch transmission.

At present, only Elantra, Tusheng L and ix35 are supporting sales of Hyundai in Beijing. According to the data, Beijing Hyundai sold 175095 vehicles in the first three quarters of 2023, with 76889 Elantra, 31785 ix35 and 36095 Tusheng, and less than 10,000 other models.


The mid-term revamped Elantra officially went on sale at the 2023 Chengdu Auto Show. The new car offers a total of four configurations with an official guiding price of RMB9.98-133800. In contrast, the Elantra N Line's appearance is more sporty and is aimed at young people who are chasing speed and driving passion. The main competitor is the Dongfeng Honda Civic, which starts at 129900 yuan.

Elantra's competitors mainly include Volkswagen Longyi, Toyota Corolla, Nissan Xuanyi and other compact joint venture cars, compared with the above models, Elantra's market performance is more mediocre. For example, Nissan Xunyi sold 257400 vehicles in the first half of the year. At the same time, independent models have also begun to erode this market, such as Qin PLUS, owned by BYD, Yida, owned by Changan, and Xingrui, owned by Geely, which have also outperformed Elantra.

Since 2017, sales of Hyundai in Beijing have begun to decline, and the bitter fruit of aggressive expansion of production capacity has finally been borne by Beijing Hyundai. The first and second factories in Shunyi in Beijing have stopped production since 2019, and the ideal car has taken over the first plant in Shunyi in Beijing. The Cangzhou factory in Hebei also continues to hear the news of stopping production. Of the five factories that once boosted Beijing Hyundai's sales of millions, Beijing Renhe is the only one left to visit, according to the Beijing Hyundai website. At present, the Beijing Hyundai Chongqing factory is still looking for a pickup, and its initial transfer reserve price is 3.684 billion yuan, but due to the persistence of no one to take over, Beijing Hyundai has lowered its low transfer price several times, currently at 1.917 billion yuan.


In addition to capacity cuts, Beijing Hyundai's product camp will also shrink in the future, and a number of models will face production and sales suspension. Hyundai's product line in China will also shrink, from 13 now to eight, with a focus on SUV and luxury brand Genisys, according to Hyundai Zhang.

Hyundai is not doing badly in the global market, but it is particularly bad in China. There are many reasons for Hyundai brands in the Chinese market today, but in the final analysis, it is the failure to launch products that meet the needs of the market in time, the living space is constantly squeezed, and the product operation mode of relying on performance-to-price ratio is no longer workable. let Hyundai's brand power in China continue to decline, which is also one of the reasons why Hyundai Automobile Group adjusts its product structure in China. Of course, this is not only a problem of Hyundai, but a common problem of joint venture brands, which is also the main reason for the decline of the overall market of joint venture brands. However, Hyundai is more obvious in this respect.

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