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Mass recall! Toyota recalls 1 million vehicles worldwide

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Recently, Toyota announced that it will recall about 1 million Henlanda models worldwide because of a possible loose front bumper. It is understood that the models involved are some 2020 to 2023 fuel versions and hybrid versions of the Hanlanda. Among them, about 751000 Hanlanda models are affected in the United States market, and about 63000 in Canada and Mexico markets.

As for the cause of the recall, Toyota spokesman Josh Burns said: there may be a loose front bumper and a slight impact on the lower cover assembly of the front bumper may cause the mounting piece to detach from the vehicle during normal operation. One or more parts of the assembly may fall off, posing a threat to road safety.

After the recall, the dealer will inspect the mounting piece and slot for damage. If there is no damage, fixed hardware with improved design will be installed. If there is any damage, replace the bumper cover and install improved fixing hardware. Car owners will be notified by the end of December, it said. At the same time, the spokesman also said that no reports of casualties or fatalities related to the issue have been received.


Related information shows that the Henlanda is a best-selling SUV model of Toyota. The first generation of Hanlanda was born in November 2000, based on Toyota K platform, equipped with 2.4-liter in-line four-cylinder or 3.0-liter V6 engine, equipped with a four-speed automatic transmission. Due to the spacious interior space and the halo of Toyota, the model was sought after by the market as soon as it was launched, winning sales of 780000 vehicles that year.

In 2007, the second generation of Halanda went public in North America. In the same year, Toyota Hanlanda Highlander was officially listed in China by import, with a price of 379800-469800 yuan. In 2009, the domestic Hanlanda went on the market with a price of 248800-429800 yuan. On June 9, 2012, the modified Halanda went on the market. Relevant data show that as of September, the cumulative sales of domestic Hanlanda was 53301 vehicles.


It is worth noting that Toyota has launched several recalls so far this year. In August, Toyota recalled some high-performance PHEV cars, some RAV4 dual-engine E+ cars and some imported Lexus NX 400h+ cars. The main reason for the recall is that due to inadequate consideration in the structural design of the rectifier module in the voltage conversion device (DC-DC converter), when there are manufacturing defects in the rectifier module, it may lead to a short circuit inside the rectifier module and light up the warning lights. At the same time, the current of the auxiliary battery continues to flow to the DC-DC converter, making it hot. In extreme cases, there is the risk of causing vehicle fire, and there are hidden dangers. Officials say the modified DC-DC converter will be replaced free of charge after the recall.


In addition, in May this year, Toyota recalled 96000 2022 and 2023 Corolla Cross (known as Carola Ruifang / Fenglanda) in North America because of the wrong installation of the center console. At that time, officials said: the vehicle involved may not be able to unfold the airbag in the front passenger seat, and in the event of an accident, the airbag cannot protect the safety of the front passenger. It is recommended that the passenger should not sit in the front seat before repair. Officials will start notifying car owners in July that the recalled vehicles will go to dealers for inspection and will replace the dashboards if problems are found.


Of course, car company recalls can reflect a responsible attitude towards users, but frequent "recall doors" will also affect the brand's reputation. At the same time, judging from the scale of the recall, Toyota has a large number of recalls this time. It is important to know that behind a large number of car recalls, it will also bring economic losses to car companies.

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