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Two sets a week! FF announces monthly delivery plan!

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Today, Faraday announced monthly delivery plans for the future, and officials said they planned to deliver five FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance in November. As part of an ongoing "delivery co-creation day" program, FF91 deliveries have increased to two units a week from the last week of November. At the same time, officials also pointed out that the FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance was delivered at 10: 00 to well-known users, including Le Mans 24 hour race champion and famous racing host Justin Bell.


It is understood that FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance began the delivery of its first model on August 14. On Sept. 14, FF officials once again announced the delivery of a new FF 91 car to American real estate agent tycoon and Netflix star Jason Oppenheim. FF will hold a "FF delivery Co-creation Day" for every FF 91 2.0 user this year, officials said. In addition to vehicle delivery, it also said that it will hold a "FF futurist spire club salon" for distinguished early car owners to create more value for car owners by creating communities that can form ecological rebellions.


Relevant information shows that FF 91 is the first model of Faraday in the future, positioning high-end luxury electric vehicles. The car was first unveiled as a concept model in Las Vegas in 2017 and was not mass-produced until April this year because of a shortage of funds. It went on sale on May 31, with three new models, FF91 2.0, FF91 2.0 futurist and FF91 2.0 futurist Alliance, priced at $309000, or 2.2 million yuan. As for FF91, Jia Yueting, the future founder of Ferrari, has said that FF91 has subverted traditional super-luxury brands such as S Maybach, Ferrari and Bentley.


After the start of delivery of FF91, Faraday will conduct a lot of publicity for every car delivered in the future. from the point of view of the official promotion of FF91 owners, every FF91 owner is not simple and is a leader in the industry. According to official sources, five FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance vehicles have been delivered so far, one of which was delivered to Jia Yueting, founder of FF. Of course, from the perspective of brand promotion, delivery targets are industry leaders, which does improve their product image, but in terms of Faraday's future single-digit delivery scale, it is still far from enough for Faraday's future.


After all, Faraday has invested a huge amount of money in the future to build cars. Officials have said that about $3 billion has been invested in the past nine years. In addition, in recent years, Faraday is also facing huge losses in the future. According to the relevant data, the net losses of FF from 2019 to 2022 were $142 million, $147 million, $517 million and $552 million, respectively. The cumulative loss over the four-year period reached $1.36 billion. FF's net income in the first quarter of 2023 was $6.5 million and the net loss was $153 million, while the net loss in the second quarter was $125 million. As of the second quarter of 2023, the total current assets of FF was $106 million and the total cash was $17.89 million.


It is not difficult to see from the data that FF is still plagued by financial difficulties. Jia Yueting has said that apart from capital, FF already has basically all the foundations for a value explosion. At present, FF is making every effort to introduce institutional investors and strategic investors to solve the capital problem needed for production climbing, improve the ability of supply chain management and cost control, achieve the lowest cost operation of the company, and rapidly increase production capacity and delivery volume.

This time, although the official announcement will speed up delivery, but a week to increase to 2, this number is still very small. After all, according to the current delivery speed, when can we get rid of the loss? As we all know, money is very critical to the new power of car building. The single-digit delivery volume in January is bound to affect Faraday's future follow-up financing and its own hematopoietic function. Jia Yueting, the founder, is heavily in debt and has been listed as an executor of bad faith for many times. In this context, the improvement of FF91 delivery volume is also very important.

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