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The court found that the accident in Tesla Chaozhou had nothing to do with the vehicle: a self-media was awarded 30,000 RMB in compensation.

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A few days ago, Tesla sued a self-media reputation infringement case, the court ruled in Tesla's favor.


A verdict shows that according to the results of judicial expertise, the cause of the accident in Tesla Chaozhou has nothing to do with the vehicle itself. Before the verdict was made, in the video introducing the trial released by the self-media, it was also mentioned that the appraisal results showed that the cause of Tesla's accident in Chaozhou had nothing to do with the vehicle itself.


It is understood that the self-media released false remarks against Tesla, including a video containing subjective assumptions about the Tesla Chaozhou accident. In this regard, the court found that the "Tesla braking incident" mentioned in the video involved in the case was a traffic accident (Tesla Chaozhou accident) in Raoping County on November 5, 2022. The appraisal opinion issued by the appraisal institution stated that the possibility of an accident caused by faults in braking and steering of Tesla minibuses could be ruled out.


Finally, the court of first instance ruled that the media should issue an apology on its Douyin and top it for 30 days, apologize to Tesla, eliminate the impact, restore his reputation, and compensate Tesla 30000 yuan.

In November 2022, a man driving Tesla in Raoping County, Chaozhou, Guangdong Province, was about to stop when the vehicle suddenly lost control and ran at a high speed of two kilometers, crashing into two motorcycles and two bicycles one after another, resulting in two deaths and three injuries. According to reports, in response to the accident, Tesla said that it can be seen from the existing video of the accident that the brake lights were not on for a long time while the vehicle was driving at high speed. This is consistent with the situation reflected by the background data: 1) the vehicle switch was pressed deeply for a long time and kept 100% at one time; 2) there was no brake action during the whole journey; 3) the driver briefly pressed the P-gear button four times during driving and quickly released it. At the same time, the brake lights are also lit and extinguished quickly.

Afterwards, the progress of the investigation into the accident received widespread attention. In March this year, the staff of the insurance company responsible for the claim for the accident told the media that the results of the accident identification had come out, and the car owner refused to accept and asked for a new appraisal.

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