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The details of the first car are exposed! Xiaomi Auto Executive: why not just sell it?

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A few days ago, a group of pictures of Xiaomi's body-in-white were exposed on the Internet, including the outline and part of the interior layout. Judging from the exposed pictures, the whole new car adopts a streamlined design, and the rear body floor adopts integrated die-casting technology.

In terms of subdivision, the overall design of the new car is smooth, showing a slender posture of wide body and low lying, and it is expected that there may be bright spots in terms of aerodynamic performance. Judging from the exposed pictures, the new car may adopt the popular hidden door handle design to add a modern sense of design to the new car. In the rear part, although the new car is still covered with thick camouflage, we can still see the curved through taillight shape, and the bulging appearance features are formed on both sides of the taillight.

Also unveiled this time is the design and layout of the inner door panel of the new car door. The new car is equipped with a sound cover marked with the word "xiaomi", and it is speculated that it will use a self-developed sound system similar to that of the HUAWEI SOUND. Previous information revealed that the key selling points of Xiaomi cars include self-driving, software ecology, 800V fast charging and power configuration, with an estimated price of less than 300000 yuan.

In response to the leak of Xiaomi's body-in-white, Xiaomi senior executive Hu Zhengnan said: "it is difficult to prevent, and now I have a headache in the skull." Why don't you just sell it? " And under this Weibo has also aroused widespread concern among netizens.

It is understood that Hu Zhengnan served as president of the General Research Institute, Senior Vice President, Director of the Product Technology Management Committee and other positions at Geely Automobile, and was responsible for developing Geely's vast SEA intelligent evolution experience architecture. In 2021, Hu Zhengnan joined Shunwei Capital as an investment partner and was later in charge of Xiaomi Automobile related business.

Earlier, Xiaomi's test car had been exposed online, when Xiaomi was being tested in Turpan, and senior executives such as Lei Jun and Lu Weibing also came to the scene to pay attention to Xiaomi's test results.

On Aug. 19, Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, and Lu Weibing, partner and president of Xiaomi Group, all participated in Xiaomi's road test in Xinjiang. Hu Zhengnan revealed Xiaomi's energy consumption on his social media. Hu Zhengnan said at the time that after the test car showed a range of 152km, an ambient temperature of 37 ℃ and a destination of 85km, it took three adults to drive the car to its destination and "dried out 8.8kWh of energy consumption". However, some careful netizens pointed out that this section of the journey is mainly downhill, which is relatively beneficial to the energy consumption of electric vehicles.


Xiaomi is now in trial production, producing about 50 sample cars a week, according to a person close to Xiaomi. Previously, a person familiar with the matter said that Xiaomi is expected to get approval from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in nearly two months, and it can be approved by the end of the year at the latest.


Another person familiar with the matter said that Xiaomi has decided to develop additional electric vehicles, "has planned the relevant extended range products, and is also looking for product breakthroughs for extended range vehicles". On the recruitment platform, Xiaomi Automobile has also released related R & D positions, including: extended range system design and development engineer, fuel system engineer, exhaust system engineer and other jobs related to EVs.


At the launch of Xiaomi Group on October 26th, Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, announced the upgrading of Xiaomi Group's new strategy: from mobile XAIoT to "full ecology of people and cars". In the future, Xiaomi OS system will also be installed on Xiaomi cars. But Lei Jun still has reservations about Xiaomi cars. "Xiaomi car is progressing very smoothly and will be officially launched in the first half of next year," Lei Junfa said on Weibo on October 25. When the time is right, I will focus on reporting to you. "

According to the plan announced earlier by Xiaomi Automobile, the Xiaomi Automobile project will build Xiaomi Automobile headquarters, sales headquarters and R & D headquarters, and will build a vehicle factory with an annual production capacity of 300000 vehicles in two phases, of which the first and second phases will have a production capacity of 150000 vehicles respectively, and the first model will be offline and mass produced in 2024.

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