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From 136800 RMB, Lectra 06 EM-P will be listed on the market.

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On November 5, Link06 EM-P was officially launched. Three new models were launched, with a price range of 136,800 - 156,800 yuan. It is understood that Link06 EM-P is positioned as a small SUV, adopting a brand-new family design similar to Link08. The pure electric endurance of CLTC working condition is 126km, and the comprehensive endurance of CLTC working condition is 1200km.


In terms of appearance, the new car adopts the second generation of Linkages family design language, inheriting some elements of The Next Day concept car in detail, which is also the second model to adopt the latest design language after Linkages 08. Link06 EM-P retains the design of split headlights, the headlight group blends with the grille, and the front surround shape becomes more three-dimensional after redesign. The double ridge line of the body extending backward from the daytime running lights makes the front shape more full and three-dimensional.



On the side of the body, there is little change between the Link06 EM-P and the fuel version. The length, width and height are 4350/1820/1625mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2640 mm. It is positioned as a small SUV. At the rear of the car, the new car features a through-tail lamp design, and the Linkages brand logo is integrated into it, along with the exaggerated diffuser below and the roof spoiler styling, which brings a stronger sense of sportiness to the visual effect. Overall, compared with the fuel version, the new car has a significant improvement in the face value performance level.



Interior, the new car will be equipped with inspiration oasis, diffuse cherry blossom and midnight aurora three color schemes, full LCD instrument + large size suspension center control screen and three-spoke multi-function steering wheel, so that the car looks full of technology. At the same time, the center console with rich lines in the car creates a good sense of visual hierarchy. In addition, the car is also equipped with 50W wireless air-cooled fast charge to meet the young people's car experience.


In terms of power, Link06 EM-P is equipped with plug-in hybrid system, which consists of BHE15 NA 1.5L high efficiency engine and P1+P3 dual motor, among which, P3 drive motor power reaches 160kW, system comprehensive maximum power 220kW, system comprehensive maximum torque 568N·m. The battery capacity is 19.09kWh, the pure battery life under CLTC condition is 126km, and the comprehensive battery life under CLTC condition is 1200km.

LinkedIn is a high-end brand jointly established by Geely and Volvo, while LinkedIn 06 is the cheapest model under the LinkedIn brand. At present, the fuel version sells for 118,600 - 139,800 yuan. According to retail data, in the first three quarters of 2023, the highest sales volume of Link06 was 48173 units, Link03 and Link01 were 47181 units and 11971 units respectively, while other models were less than ten thousand units. In short, the launch of Link06 EM-P will enrich consumers 'car purchase options and is expected to further boost Link06 sales.



Official figures show that Linkages sold 82037 new cars in the first half of the year, up 6.2 percent year-on-year. In addition to the domestic market, as of the first half of this year, Linkages has also entered the Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Spain and other countries. Although sales volume increased, finance did not bring positive growth. Financial report data show that in the first half of the year Linke achieved a net loss of 660 million yuan. In response, Geely explained that the main reason for the decline in LinkedIn's performance was a large amount of investment from accelerating the transformation of new energy and LinkedIn's business expansion in the European market.

Not long ago, Linke Automobile announced that from November 1 to November 30 (inclusive), you can enjoy 8 rights and interests after completing the large lock order of Linke 08 model and lifting the car on December 31. Among them, the more important contents include: 6000 yuan car purchase subsidy for completing the large lock order, free upgrade of Harman Kardon 23 speaker sound, and free five-year NOA function service for optional "Science and Technology for Pride". After the discount, the price range of Link08 is 20.28- 282,000 yuan. It is understood that Link08 EM-P was officially listed on September 9 at a price of 20.88- 261,800 yuan. Link08 is the first strategic model of CMA Evo architecture and the first mid-sized SUV owned by Link08.


At present, hybrid models in the price range of 150,000 - 300,000 is too voluminous. Compared with pure electric models, the advantage of hybrid models lies in battery life, but the battery life of current pure electric models is also constantly improving, coupled with the popularity of charging facilities, the advantage of worry-free battery life is constantly weakening. At the same time, Link06 EM-P also has many competitors, the most important of which is BYD, its Yuan Pro price is lower, and Link06 EM-P price can buy compact SUV, such as Song Pro DM-i, Haval dragon and so on.

According to the official website, at present, Link01, Link02, Link03/03+, Link05 and new energy vehicles Link01 PHEV, Link02 PHEV, Link05 PHEV, Link09 MHEV/PHEV are on sale, but the sales volume of Link09 new energy vehicles is very average. According to the plan, in 2025, all products of Linkages will be equipped with Linkages intelligent hybrid technology to realize electrification of all products. However, from the current point of view, Linkages brand sales support or from fuel vehicles, hybrid models want to maintain Linkages market, Linkages should also think about how to do.

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