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The real car picture of the first car of polar krypton has been exposed.

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Recently, Krypton's first real car map was exposed on the Internet. According to the pictures exposed by netizens, although the body of the new car is covered with camouflage, the overall outline is similar to the spy photos exposed earlier.


It is understood that, as the first three-compartment car of polar krypton, the new car is based on SEA vast structure, the interior is called PMA2+, positioning pure electric mid-size car, or debut at Guangzhou Auto Show.

Appearance: The front face of the new car adopts the closed design of pure tram type mainstream, and the split headlights are matched on both sides, which greatly improves the sporty feeling of the vehicle. The rear part adopts a duckling tail design, equipped with a narrow tail lamp group below, and a position light is also designed at the rear enclosure position to improve the overall identification of the vehicle.


Body aspect: It adopts large sliding back style, the body style is relatively low, equipped with mainstream hidden door handle and frameless door, showing the scientific and technological sense of the vehicle. Body lines are smooth and concise, relatively short front and rear suspension, long wheelbase, outstanding compartment length. For the first car of Extreme Krypton, Zhu Ling, vice president of Extreme Krypton Intelligent Technology, once revealed that the new car body is longer than Tesla Model 3, but less than Extreme Krypton 001, and the whole series will be equipped with advanced technologies such as 8295 computing platform and 800V high voltage fast charging.


Interior: Combined with the spy photos of earlier exposure, the new car adopts color-matching interior and gear design, equipped with semicircular LCD instrument and suspended central control screen. Other features, according to media reports, the new car is also expected to be standard with dual wireless fast charging boards, removable central control entertainment screens, push-pull armrest boxes, rear independent air conditioning outlets and leather perforated seats.

In terms of selling price, Lin Jinwen, vice president of Polar Krypton Intelligent Technology, also revealed at the launch communication meeting of Polar Krypton 001FR:"From now until next year, a total of 3 products will be launched, with a price range of 200,000 - 300,000 yuan." According to the information disclosed by Lin Jinwen, the price of the first Krypton car may be between 200,000 and 300,000 yuan.


In terms of competitors, according to the positioning of new cars, the first Krypton sedan will face fierce competition from Tesla Model 3, BYD Seal, Xiaopeng p7 and other models after it comes into the market. In terms of autonomous driving, the new car comes standard with dual fork arm front independent suspension, equipped with a full-stack self-developed autonomous driving scheme to support automatic assisted driving on urban roads and highways. It is expected to carry Kirin batteries, 3 lidar, etc.


Relevant information shows that Geely Automobile's intelligent high-end pure electric vehicle brand was released on April 15,2021. At present, it has launched three models: Polar Krypton 001, Polar Krypton 009 and Polar Krypton X. Among them, Krypton 001 positioning medium-sized car, the price of 30.00-40.30 million yuan. Polar Krypton 009 positioning medium and large MPV, selling price 499 - 588,000 yuan. Polar Krypton X positioning compact pure electric SUV, a total of 3 models, priced at 1898 - 209,800 yuan.

According to the plan of CEO An Congming of Polar Krypton, the delivery target of 140,000 vehicles will be ensured in 2023, 4 new vehicles will be added accumulatively in 2024 and 2025, and 8 vehicles will be realized to support the sales target of 650,000 vehicles in 2025. Judging from the current sales volume of krypton, there is still a certain gap to achieve the goal. Relevant data show that from January to September 2023, the cumulative sales volume of polar krypton was 79028 new vehicles, only 56.45% of the sales target was achieved.

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