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Huawei Xiaopeng opposes each other! He Xiaopeng: I don't know what's his hurry.

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On the evening of November 4, he Xiaopeng said in a post on WeChat moments, "I recently evaluated an industry mess. As a result, the industry is not in a hurry, but the non-industry is in a hurry. I don't know why he is in a hurry." Although it has not been stated clearly, anyone who knows the course of the incident knows that this is a response to Yu Chengdong's previous speech.


Two days ago, he Xiaopeng said in an interview with No. 42 Garage that most people may never have touched AEB. Competitors said AEB, I think 99% is fake, those promotions are not officially released by the company, all from small videos. Competitors' AEB cannot be driven at all, and there are too many cases of wrong brakes on the road. At the same time, he Xiaopeng also said that the current automotive industry to talk about AEB, mainly vertical AEB, when triggered, in most cases the speed is less than 60 kilometers per hour. If the speed is too high, once the wrong brake, it will be a great shock to the user.


Returning to the characteristics of its own intelligent driving system research and development, he Xiaopeng pointed out, "our XNGP technology will take AEB as one of the directions." For example, we have been talking about a term called static AEB, once there are obstacles around, the vehicle will take the initiative to avoid, want to hit even can not hit. I don't think it's right to treat a customer like a guinea pig. Some companies dare to do so, but there will also be counter-phagocytosis. I've been in the auto industry for a few years, but I don't want to do this. But we will definitely make AEB better. " He Xiaopeng also stressed, "in many things, I still have my integrity, although not very high, but definitely higher than competitors."

Although he Xiaopeng did not name his competitor, many netizens think that it is alluding to the AITO boundary. The new M7, which was listed earlier, regards AEB as one of the important selling points. The new M7 is equipped with the industry's first omni-directional anti-collision system, which can achieve forward, lateral and backward omni-directional anti-collision capability. Raising the maximum braking speed of the AEB to 90km/h can reduce traffic accidents caused by inattention and complex road conditions by 90 per cent, and Huawei is currently recognized as a leader in smart driving capabilities.

On the evening of November 3, Yu Chengdong, managing director and terminal BG CEO of Huawei, forwarded an article entitled "OTA heavy upgrade, do not rely on high-precision maps, and can be opened all over the country" on moments and said: "experience it quickly!" Even what AEB is, I can't believe that the head of a car company still doesn't understand it at all. " Subsequently, Yu Chengdong continued to leave a message: "some people simply do not understand what AEB is!" It's almost the same as telling someone that smart driving is a hoax! " "lack of basic understanding of the technological progress and future development of the industry!" "some car companies are busy doing smart driving all day, and the results of AEB active safety tests are very poor. I am very surprised to know that they have not even done the basic functions of AEB. Either he has been fooled by his staff, or he lacks the most basic understanding of the development of the automobile industry! "

Some netizens asked Li Xiang, the ideal car CEO, about he Xiaopeng and Yu Chengdong, and showed an extremely calm attitude, saying in the Weibo comment area that it was impossible to quarrel with Huawei.


Automatic emergency braking system (Autonomous Emergency Braking, referred to as AEB) is a kind of automobile active safety technology, and it is an important auxiliary braking electronic system in the current high-order intelligent driving system. It can measure the distance from the vehicle or obstacle in front by radar, and use the data analysis module to compare the measured distance with the alarm distance and the safe distance. When the distance is less than the safe distance, it will automatically emergency brake or slow down the vehicle. So as to ensure safe travel and reduce accidents.

Around the topic of "AEB", there has been a heated discussion in the industry. Zhao Changjiang, general manager and chief co-founder of Tencent Automotive, posted on the social platform on Nov. 4 that what Tencent is doing now is to start AEB at 80km / h and AEB at 100km / h next year (2024).


On November 5, Zhang Yong, CEO of Nashi Automobile, said: we have now delivered the AEB for the three platforms of ADC, J3 and ME, with a start speed of 100km / h and a stable brake of 50mph. The site test has data of 80km / h, with a score of about 98%. Then he replied again: TDA4 now the testing level of the site can reach the five-star plus, but there are still large mileage errors that do not reach the standard and need to be polished. Zhang Yong also mentioned that the complexity of the AEB scene is too high, the functional performance of various scenes will be inconsistent, such as weather, rainfall, sunshine, speed, obstacle size. It is indeed very difficult to do well, which requires a great deal of mileage and sample size test.


The alignment of public opinion between Yu Chengdong and he Xiaopeng is also the concentrated embodiment of the two enterprises competing for the seats of domestic smart driving head manufacturers. Xiaopeng has always used intelligence as a brand moat, especially in the field of intelligent driving. On Xiaopeng Technology Day on October 24th this year, Xiaopeng announced the latest research and development progress of the intelligent driving assistance system and the mass production landing plan, which will achieve the urban intelligent driving assistance system to cover the country's major road networks in 2024. Huawei, on the other hand, is even more aggressive, predicting that high-level intelligent driving assistance in urban areas that do not rely on high-precision maps will cover the country by December, far exceeding the previous plan of 45 cities.

Consumers are paying more and more attention to smart driving, attracting car brands to spare no effort to increase investment. Cinda Securities pointed out in the research report that the smart driving function has an important impact on consumers' car purchase decisions this year, while the competition focus of domestic car companies has shifted to smart driving, software-defined cars, and marketing channels.

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