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The owner of the NIO car was handed down to exchange the electricity rights and interests of the NIO car.

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Today, an entry about "the owner of a car in NIO is reported to be discharging for the supermarket after changing electricity for free" has been posted on Weibo. As of press time, the entry has reached 6.188 million readings and 3424 interactions.

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It is understood that the hot topic mainly stems from the spread of a video about NIO car owners discharging for the supermarket after changing electricity for free. From the exposed video, the owner of NIO car in the video said that several refrigerators, freezers, computers and monitoring in their supermarket were supplied after changing electricity with NIO.

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It is worth noting that it is not the first time netizens have exposed that NIO car owners use free power exchange to save money. As early as January this year, netizens posted that there are free power changes every month, and an endless number of times are given to the ideal L9.


In addition, in August, a netizen posted that his friend parked the ideal L9 next to his NIO car every day, and then used the Wei discharge function to charge the ideal L9. It is found that the ideal charging power can reach 3KW, and the ideal L9 battery can be recharged to 90% from 9:00 to 18:30 every day.


In response to this incident also triggered a heated discussion among netizens, some netizens said: I should enjoy the rights and interests, take electricity is for camping or for the supermarket, I did not go beyond the rights and interests, to the supermarket, the electricity is not enough to change, their own charging is not enough? Another netizen said: the good policy of benefiting users has been clearly arranged by a handful of people who love to take advantage of it. Some netizens even pointed out that some people always think that this is the right to spend their own money, but the problem is that this right is actually supported by all consumers, and once a small number of consumers make excessive use of it, it will lead to the reduction of rights and interests.




It is worth noting that after the incident was exposed, some netizens found that a rule had been added to the current APP external discharge rules, that is, the monthly external discharge limit of 15 kilowatt-hours of electricity obtained through free power exchange rights, and the excess would be compensated for the corresponding electricity charges. For the excess part of the charge, NIO customer service responded that there is indeed this charging policy, there is no formal charge, specific and other follow-up notice.


As we all know, compared with other new energy vehicles, the biggest advantage of Xilai car is that the vehicle can change electricity, and it does not need to take a long time to recharge like other pure electric vehicles. For users who have a power station near their home, that's very convenient. However, in response to this matter, some people in the industry said: NIO's power exchange service is still praiseworthy, but the problem is that at the stage of fierce competition in the industry, if this kind of service, which is similar to condescending and groveling, cannot form a sustained cash flow and finally make a profit, it must be disadvantageous to Xilai Motor.

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