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NIO sued the Mavericks that the car won and lost 600000! NIO Vice President: the sentence is too light!

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On November 6, NIO Legal Department released micro bo said, On the chatter account "Mavericks said car" Holder Gu Yubo infringement NIO reputation right case, The court has recently in the first instance judgment, Judge Gu Yubo deliberately distorted, Fabricate facts, Infringement NIO reputation right, Require it in the chatter account "Mavericks said car" 90 consecutive days to publish an apology statement, At the same time within ten days of the judgment effective compensation NIO economic losses, etc. a total of more than 600,000 yuan.


The judgement found that: (1) The eleven infringing videos released by Gu Yubo on the chatter account "Mavericks Say Car" have maliciously infringed Wei Lai's reputation right and have caused damage consequences;(2) The videos involved in the case use words with personal attacks and personality insults, which violate public order and good customs and socialist core values, and are suspected of vilifying, materializing, insulting and derogating women;(3) In combination with the broadcast data of the video involved in the case and the evidence of damage caused to NIO by Gu Yubo's release of infringing video, it is comprehensively determined that Gu Yubo shall compensate NIO for economic losses totaling more than RMB 600,000 Yuan.

Then Wei Lai Vice President Shen Fei forwarded the Weibo and said: "The judgment is too light, I do not hide my views." If a person is too hateful and has no limits, he should be sentenced to ruin and judged to have a sufficient warning effect on the whole society and industry."


Things are like this, in May this year, Wei Lai opened "Wei Lai Legal Department" micro bo account, followed by 15, Wei Lai Legal Department issued a document saying: "Mavericks Say Car" has continuously released more than ten Short Video, using insulting, vulgar, vulgar and ugly words, fabricating facts, distorting and interpreting information about NIO and NIO users, slandering, abusing and attacking the new energy automobile industry, NIO and NIO users, even slandering NIO brands and products with insulting descriptions for many times, and maliciously attacking NIO users with insulting words, seriously infringing NIO and NIO. The legitimate rights and interests of users. NIO tentatively asked it to delete relevant videos, publicly apologize and compensate 5 million yuan.


In response to this matter, Wei Lai Chairman Li Bin publicly responded that "slandering and smearing Wei Lai users has broken through our bottom line and will definitely fight to the end." Subsequently, Wei Lai filed a lawsuit against Gu Mou Bo, the holder of "Mavericks Said Car", and was formally filed by the court.

On August 4,"Mavericks said the car" posted a video on social platforms saying it had sued NIO in court because it had bought the brand-new ES6 in full, but NIO had refused to hand over the car for various reasons when it was delivered. The next day, NIO Legal Department responded with a clear and firm attitude, refused to deliver the vehicle to the blogger, and returned all the money on the day of termination and paid double the vehicle deposit involved in the agreement. However,"Mavericks said the car" then sent a video response saying that he did not receive Wei Lai refund deposit.


With the victory of Wei Lai, it means that the case between Wei Lai and Mavericks has been resolved. "NIO will continue to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of NIO and its users through legal means and safeguard the healthy development and legal dignity of the industry," the legal department said. And stressed: "Some bad self-media related illegal evidence has been mastered, for other criminal, civil infringement cases progress, will be released to users and society in the near future."


It is understood that "Mavericks said car" a self-media account, the holder is Gu Yubo, behind the company for Jiangsu Chebangren Culture Communication Co., Ltd., established in August 2021, registered capital of 10 million yuan. By the time of publication,"Mavericks Say Car" has released 66 works, with 3.276 million fans and 36.292 million likes.

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