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Tesla, China official announced an increase in prices!

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Tesla got into trouble again? When a number of Chinese car companies announced price cuts to subsidize sales to cope with market competition, Tesla resolutely announced a price increase for his models, even if the increase was not high.

This morning, Tesla China announced as scheduled an increase in the price of the long-lasting version of Model 3 and Model Y: the price of the new version of Model 3 increased by 1500 yuan, starting at 297400 yuan, and that of Model Y rose by 2500 yuan to 302400 yuan.


This is the second price increase in nearly half a month. Tesla's high-performance ModelY model was raised by 14000 yuan to 363900 yuan on October 27th. Of course, Tesla's price increase is also expected. Two days ago, the relevant person in charge of Tesla confirmed that the prices of related versions of Model 3 and Model Y will be raised on November 9.

According to Tesla's Chinese official website, there are currently three Model Y models on sale, with the standard rear-wheel drive version priced at 263900 yuan, the all-wheel drive long-range version priced at 302400 yuan and the all-wheel drive high-performance version priced at 363900 yuan. There are two Model 3 models on sale. The price of the new version is 259900 yuan and the long-lasting version is 297400 yuan.



As for the reasons for the price increase, Tesla did not disclose, may also be the cost trend. As an electric vehicle manufacturer that adopts the direct sales model, Tesla's pricing strategy is based on cost. If the cost fluctuates, it will certainly affect Tesla's pricing, while Model Y has just completed the evolution and upgrade of the whole series of models, such as the new atmosphere lamp, the instrument console and the front door decoration panel are made of high-tech fabric, these configurations will increase the cost of the whole vehicle, while Tesla only increases the price for the long-lasting version. The standard version of rear wheel drive remains the same, in fact, it is also a reflection of price reduction in disguise.

Tesla sold 72115 vehicles wholesale in China in October, second only to BYD, including 28626 domestic retail vehicles, according to figures released by the Federation of passengers on Nov. 8. It is understood that the annual production capacity of Tesla's Shanghai factory has increased from 750000 vehicles / year in the second quarter to more than 950000 vehicles / year in the third quarter. With the refurbished version of Model 3 and Mode lY have been listed, even if the Shanghai factory is operating at full capacity, the market is still in short supply, which is considered to be an important reason for this price adjustment. According to Tesla's official website, the expected delivery period of Huan's new version of Model 3 and Model Y is in 2-6 weeks.


In this context, Tesla rose prices against the market, and another reason is the weakening of its profitability. Since the beginning of this year, Tesla has cut prices on a large scale in many markets around the world, which has brought more considerable market performance to Tesla, but it has also made Tesla less and less profitable. Tesla's gross profit margin in the third quarter was only 17.9%, the lowest level in four years.


Unlike Tesla, a number of Chinese manufacturers cut prices in early November in order to maintain and expand market share. On January 1, BYD Ocean net-related models can enjoy substantial discounts, including destroyer 05, frigate 07 champion version, dolphin, seal champion version, Song PLUS champion version, of which frigate 07 champion version can enjoy 2000 to 20000, equivalent to a 18000 price reduction. In addition, including Lecker, Zero, Euler, Polar Krypton and other car brands have announced price reduction sales.

On the one hand, the competition and promotion among car enterprises will provide a stable support to the car market at the end of the year and help the car market hit new highs, but more and more car companies are cutting prices to impact sales. In fact, the competitive pressure is also further intensifying. In the future, more car companies will join the ranks of promotion and price reduction, and Tesla is an exception.

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