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Surprise? Pre-sale of BYD Song L starts at 220000 RMB.

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On the evening of October 31, BYD Song L officially opened its pre-sale. The new car has launched a total of five models, including four single-motor rear-drive models and one dual-motor four-wheel drive model, with a pre-sale price range of 22-280000 yuan. It is understood that BYD Song L positioning medium sedan SUV, based on e-platform 3.0, will be officially launched in November.

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In terms of appearance, the new car adopts the design language of Dynasty net's new generation of "avant-garde Longyan Aesthetics". The front lines are fierce, and decorations officially known as "dragon teeth" have been added on both sides of the grille, with 3D dragon whiskers of Longjing headlamps. It makes the visual effect of the vehicle look richer, and the "Song" logo is embedded in the center of the highlight black panel, which is also a commonly used design style of BYD Dynasty net models. In addition, the trapezoidal heat sink is used around the front of the new car, and the detailed design on both sides further enhances the sense of movement of the new car.

On the side of the body, the shape of the new car is slightly low, with down-slip roof lines and multi-segment dynamic waistline, making the whole body posture in a dive style, creating a full sense of movement. In addition, the new car looks very stylish with frameless windows and hidden door handles and retains the design of five-star wheels. In the rear part, the new car is compact in design, equipped with through-type lights, three-dimensional Chinese knot style taillights are used on both sides, and the high brake lights with vertical layout are retained. At the same time, Song L is also equipped with active electric lift tail, active intake grille, suspension spoiler and so on.


In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4840/1950/1560mm, the wheelbase is 2930mm, and the overall size is between Song PLUS EV and Tang EV. For comparison, the length, width and height of Tesla Model Y are 4750/1921/1624mm and the wheelbase is 2890mm. In contrast, the length of the new car increases 90mm, width increases 29mm, wheelbase increases 40mm, but height decreases 64mm.


Interior part, the new car uses a relatively simple design style, the car uses a large number of sports materials, but also the introduction of frameless doors. The car is equipped with 10.25inch full LCD dashboard and 15.6inch central control screen, built-in the latest DiLink intelligent Internet connection system, with a good sense of science and technology. The shape of the shift lever is more compact and exquisite, and the arrangement of the keys around it has a stronger sense of integrity. The air outlet of the new car uses a longitudinal design, the front end of the sub-dashboard is equipped with a mobile phone wireless charging panel, and the storage space is provided below. In addition, the car is also equipped with a panoramic canopy, the front and rear compartments have good storage space.


In terms of power, Song L will provide both rear-drive and all-wheel drive. According to the application information, the Song L rear drive version provides two power options with a maximum power of 150 kilowatts and 230 kilowatts; the maximum power of the dual motors before and after the four-wheel drive model is 150 kilowatts and 230 kilowatts, respectively, and the acceleration time of 0-100 km / h is 4.3 seconds. According to the latest range declaration information, Song L provides battery packs with a capacity of 72 kWh and 87 kWh, and the vehicle's pure electric mileage has three versions: 550 km, 662 km and 602 km (all-wheel drive). In addition, the car will use front double fork arms, rear five-link independent suspension, Yunyi-C chassis system, iTAC intelligent torque control system and so on.


Up to now, BYD's total layout of dynasty net, ocean net, momentum, look up and equation leopard brand, and a number of its products dominate in the passenger car market segment. Taking the retail sales data in September as an example, Qin PLUS (39900), Seagull (35000), Dolphin (24300) and Han (21800) ranked among the top four retail sales of new energy cars in September. Song PLUS New Energy (36800), Yuan plus (28700), Song Pro New Energy (20800) and Tang New Energy (11400) ranked second, third, fifth and eighth respectively in the September New Energy SUV retail sales list.

The pre-sale of the Song L positioning medium-sized sedan SUV belongs to the Song family series in the dynasty net, and it is also the fourth model of the Song series. In, the Song family is the most popular product of BYD, including Song Pro, Song Plus and Song MAX, covering the two categories of SUV Song PLUS New Energy and MPV. Because of the large number of models and large sales, Song family models occupy the top position of SUV model sales list for many years. Retail data show that 276100 vehicles were sold in the first three quarters of 2023, while Song Pro New Energy sold 140200 vehicles.


With the follow-up launch of BYD Song L, the car will further enrich the Song family product matrix. Compared with Song PLUS (price range of 15.48-218800 yuan) and Song Pro (price range of 12.98-165800 yuan), Song L's price is on the high side. Of course, unlike the compact SUV Song PLUS and Song PRO, Song L's overall appearance and interior design are more avant-garde and more sporty, coupled with the sedan SUV positioning, there is a good chance that it will become a popular model again.

From the perspective of direct competitors, as a pure electric SUV of 22-280000 yuan, BYD Song L will compete with Tesla Model Y (price range 26.39-363900 yuan) and Xiaopeng G6 (price range 20.99-276900 yuan).

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