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Equation Leopard's first model on the market!

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November 9, equation Leopard 5 officially launched, the new car launched a total of three models, the price range is 10,000 yuan. It is understood that the equation Leopard 5 is based on BYD's new DMO super hybrid off-road platform, equipped with a power system composed of a longitudinal 1.5T high-power engine and a front and rear double motor, with functions such as low-speed four-wheel drive and leopard U-turn.

In terms of appearance, Leopard 5 as a whole uses a more square design style, the front grille is connected with the headlamp group, and the upper and lower ends are connected with a lamp belt, forming the effect of a circular light belt, which looks very cool. At the same time, the equation Leopard brand LOGO is placed in the center of the grille to blend with the horizontal spokes. In addition, the car's lower enclosure has a wild guard design, showing a hard core gas field.

The side of the car body, the use of a large number of horizontal lines, with black wheel eyebrows and black anti-friction board, to create a strong visual sense. At the same time, the flat roof cooperates with the roof luggage rack, which not only satisfies the head space in the car, but also enhances the functional expansibility of the vehicle. In the rear part, the founder's body is equipped with protruding eyebrows and external spare tires, while the horizontal rear door and the vertical door handle on the left further highlight the personality style of the car. It is worth mentioning that the taillight group of the car adopts the shape of electrode ring buckle, which also has a high degree of recognition.

In terms of interior decoration, the position of the center console adopts a symmetrical design, and the interior is a popular three-screen design, with a 15.6-inch 2.5K high-definition central control multimedia screen, a 12.3-inch full LCD instrument screen and a 12.3-inch passenger multimedia entertainment screen. Equipped with up and down gear lever, equipped with a large number of physical keys, but also provides a three-spoke flat-bottomed multi-function steering wheel. The roof is equipped with electric open and close panoramic skylights, car refrigerators, multi-color interior atmosphere lights, Divare sound and active fragrance system. In terms of color matching, according to the official pictures, it provides three colors of solar eclipse blue, shoal green and storm rice.

In terms of power, the Leopard 5 is the first BYD new DMO super hybrid off-road platform, equipped with a 1.5T engine and a four-wheel drive system composed of front and rear motors. The peak power of the motor is the front 200kW/ and the rear 285kW, and the maximum net power of the engine is 135kW. Leopard 5 will be a "vertical" engine model, can add 92 gasoline, also support 100kW DC fast charge, 30% to 80% charging only 16 minutes, AC slow charge power is 6.6kW, but also support 6kW high-power external discharge, the vehicle has a comprehensive range of 1200 km.

From the perspective of brand positioning, the launch of equation Leopard not only improves the layout of BYD's new energy passenger car, but also the key layout for BYD to complete the full-field coverage from household to luxury, from Volkswagen to personalized. The addition of new brands can not only enhance brand positioning, but also contribute to market increment for BYD. It is understood that in addition to Leopard 5, equation Leopard has planned two models, Leopard 8 and Leopard 3.


In the domestic market, the dominant hardcore SUV is the tank brand of Great Wall Automobile, which has launched two models, especially Tank 500. the overall body modeling is very hard off-road, with a maximum price of 395000 yuan, and its future will also launch SUV such as Tank 700,800, when equation Leopard and the tank brand must have a war. In addition, joint venture brands will also be affected. Toyota Prado is the most classic representative, with a price of 43.58-604800 yuan when it stops production, which happens to fall within the pricing range of the first model of equation Leopard, and the new generation of Prado will be introduced for production and sale in China next year.

Of course, as a hardline off-road SUV, it is difficult to get a higher market share for BYD with equation Leopard 5. After all, the market of about 400000 yuan is mainly dominated by luxury brands, such as Audi Q5L, Mercedes-Benz GLCs, BMW X3 and so on. By contrast, these consumers prefer to buy luxury brand models.

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