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Yueyang Airport "forbids Tesla to enter"! Official: true

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Recently, a billboard picture of "Tesla is not allowed in secret-related control areas" has spread on the Internet, causing a heated discussion among netizens. As can be seen from the picture of the notice board, it has the words "Yueyang Airport" and the logo of Yueyang Airport. In response to this matter, many netizens said: it is not surprising that many units have such notice boards.


In this regard, some media contacted the staff of Yueyang Airport, the other side said: there is indeed such a sign. The reason is that Tesla's vehicle has a certain mode, and the owner will videotape the surrounding environment of the car body after leaving, and Tesla of the airport staff cannot enter. In addition, there are airport staff said: the notice has been issued for several months, if Tesla car owners have parking demand, there are also many private parking lots next to the airport, the cost is still lower.


Tesla customer service said in response to the incident: all the models Tesla is selling now have sentinel mode, but the owners of the switch can decide by themselves, and this function will only be enabled after the vehicle is locked. Sentinel mode records the video only when someone passes or approaches the vehicle with the intention of damaging the vehicle. Some units may worry about the video recorded in this Sentinel mode, revealing some information about the surrounding environment, so they will have this concern. In fact, for Tesla, he will not collect videos in this area. If it is true that a certain unit explicitly stipulates that Tesla vehicles are not allowed to enter because of the sentinel mode, you can contact customer service, Tesla will have colleagues from relevant departments to do the explanation work.


In fact, as netizens commented, incidents about units forbidding Tesla to enter often occur. In February this year, some netizens revealed that Tesla was not allowed to enter the parking lot of an administrative center in Wuhan. At that time, in response to the incident, the East and West Lake District of Wuhan responded that because there was an administrative office inside the investment building, Tesla's vehicles had strong functions and were likely to be classified, so Tesla vehicles were not allowed to enter the internal parking lot for the time being. A separate parking area has been proposed to the leader in the later stage.


According to Tesla's official description of the sentinel mode, it can be seen that the mode is an intelligent vehicle security system, and after starting, the vehicle's cameras and sensors will remain on to record suspicious activity around the vehicle at any time. The mode is divided into three states: standby state, alert state and alarm state, and the corresponding alarm response is made according to the potential threat of the surrounding environment. In the standby state, the camera will continue to monitor the safety risks around the vehicle. In a state of vigilance, the headlights will flash and the camera will record. When the vehicle is in a dangerous environment, such as smashing a window, the sentinel mode changes to an alarm state, and the audio system emits a loud alarm and sends an alarm notification to the mobile app.


It is worth mentioning that the issue of Tesla's information security is not confined to the Sentinel mode. As early as April 2021, netizens exposed a high-definition video about the camera in Tesla's car. Judging from the exposed video, Tesla's camera in the car can clearly record the driver's and passengers' every move. At that time, the video also caused a heated discussion, and many netizens began to worry about the safety of their driving data. Of course, the main reason for concern is that the driving data collected by Tesla is transmitted directly to the United States. In response to the issue of information security, Tesla also responded many times that he would not invade user privacy through the car camera and attached great importance to the protection of user privacy.

Tesla CEO Musk also said at the World Internet Conference in September 2021: "data security is the key to the success of intelligent connected vehicles, which is closely related not only to personal interests, but also to the interests of society as a whole. Tesla is pleased to see the introduction of relevant laws and regulations to strengthen data management. " Tesla has set up a data center in China to store data generated by Chinese business, including production, sales, service and charging data, which will be safely stored on Chinese mainland and will not be transferred overseas. It is only necessary to order spare parts from overseas, and in extremely rare cases, individual data are transferred overseas after obtaining the relevant approval. In October of the same year, Tesla announced that the Tesla Shanghai R & D and Innovation Center and the Tesla Shanghai Super Factory data center had been completed and would be put into use to store factory production and other Chinese operation data.


Tesla also responded to the incident in an official post on Weibo today, saying: Sentinel mode is an intelligent security configuration standard for mainstream smart cars, not unique to Tesla. When the Tesla vehicle leaves the factory, this function is turned off by default and can only be used by the owner manually. At the same time, Tesla also said that at present, the function has helped the police solve a number of vehicle damage and theft cases. Unlike some brands that can remotely view the surrounding environment of the vehicle through the Sentinel mode, at present, the data of Tesla's vehicle is only stored offline in the USB device in the vehicle, and neither the owner nor Tesla can view it remotely online. Most importantly, Tesla also said that it had set up a data center in China to localize data storage. All data generated from the sale of vehicles in the Chinese mainland market will be stored in China.


The issue of data security for Tesla has always been a hot topic, and many people in the industry have also expressed their views. For example, Zhou Hongyi, founder of Tesla, said in an interview earlier: the focus of the data collected by Zhou Hongyi is not only what it captured, but also where the data it collected will be "taken away". The follow-up security problem is the biggest hidden danger in the Internet era. Some industry insiders said: with the establishment of Tesla China data center, Tesla is working hard to steadily promote the orderly and long-term development of Tesla smart cars in China in accordance with domestic unified management standards.

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