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There has been a huge personnel change in Nezha car!

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A few days ago, Zhejiang Hezhong New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hezhong New Energy") issued a number of personnel appointments, detailed notice as follows:

Appoint Zhang Yong (concurrently) as president of marketing company; appoint Zhang Honghan as vice president and director of brand marketing center of marketing company; appoint Huang Yugui as vice president and director of user and clue operations center of marketing company; appoint Tian Yu as executive president and deputy director of creativity and new media department of marketing company; appoint Zhou Zhenli (concurrently) as executive president of marketing company and director of innovative operations of GT

Appoint Zhou Jiang (concurrently) as executive vice president of the marketing company: assist Zhang Yong in managing Shanhai Business Department, responsible for co-ordinating the marketing of Shanhai product line, and undertaking the overall sales target of Shanhai product line.

Hu Enping was appointed Executive Vice President and Director of creativity and New Media Department of the Marketing Company: responsible for coordinating the marketing work of Yunhe product line, in charge of Yunhe business department and channel development department, and undertaking the overall sales target of Yunhe product line.

Hu Bo was appointed Executive Vice President and Director of Marketing and training Department of the Marketing Company.

Appoint Zhao Chao as vice president and director of sales support department of marketing company: in charge of key account business department

Appoint Men Lei as vice president of marketing company: in charge of customer service department and spare parts company

Executive Vice President of Jiangfeng Marketing Company; Executive Vice President of Li Changhe Marketing Company

According to public data, Jiang Feng has worked in BAIC's marketing system for 18 years, in charge of market, brand, channel management, sales and other marketing business modules. In the former BAIC New Energy Marketing system, Jiang Feng directly participated in the construction and operation of BAIC New Energy Marketing system, served as Director of sales Management Department, and was transferred to General Manager of East China Division in 2016, until he entered the senior management team of BAIC New Energy Marketing Company, experienced and led the whole process of BAIC's new energy development, and accumulated rich experience in channel model construction and terminal sales management. In July 2018, Jiang Feng left BAIC New Energy to join Co-Chuang New Energy as executive vice president of the marketing company.

In 2023, the price war of "price for volume" lasted almost a whole year, but judging from the achievement of the sales targets of various car companies, the result was not satisfactory, especially Nahu cars. Official figures show that Naha delivered a total of 127496 new cars in 2023, down 16.16 per cent from 152073 in 2022, while Naga set a target of 150000 in 2023 and set a sales target of 250000 at the beginning of this year, with a target completion rate of only 51 per cent. Among them, the delivery volume of Nashi cars in December 2023 is only 5135, which has been ranked "at the bottom" for six consecutive months.

On January 2, Zhang Yong, CEO of Nashi Automobile, made a summary and reflection on the poor performance in 2023, pointing out that there were five major problems in its operation in 2023, namely: the switch between new and old production was not well connected, and the rhythm was chaotic; the pricing of new products on the market was too high, although the adjustment was in place in the second half of the year, but the first opportunity was lost; the production of the lossmaking product line was greatly reduced; the way of communication is old and there are good things that cannot be said. The marketing headquarters is centralized and the management is weak.

For this situation, Zhang Yong also gives the direction of six major internal changes in 2024, namely: Zhang Yong personally serves as the general manager of the marketing company; do a good job in the listing of 5 SUV, Naxi L and crossover EP41; the adjustment of the existing product line and channel upgrading; the marketing system stands up and goes back to work; after two years of development, overseas markets have the basis to accelerate progress in 2024. Comprehensively improve marketing communication and user communication

According to the data, Hezhong New Energy was founded in October 2014, and Naha Automobile is an electric vehicle brand owned by Hezhong New Energy, which has received investment from 360 founder Zhou Hongyi. In June 2023, Nashi Motor reported that it would go to Hong Kong IPO as soon as possible that month, but it was denied.

In the New year's message of 2024 released at the beginning of the new year, Ark and CEO Zhang Yong, chairman of Nathan Automobile, said that they would continue to strengthen overseas markets. "2024 will bring at least four global models to more countries and regions, achieve simultaneous sales of eight products at home and abroad in 2025, and forge ahead to the overseas sales target of 100000 vehicles in the coming year. Canals in all directions will accelerate the layout of overseas channels in the Middle East, South America, Western Europe or other regions or focus on domestic sales, covering five continents, 50 countries, and more than 500 overseas channels. "

As for whether the car will go against the trend in 2024, we will continue to pay attention to it.

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