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Another car manufacturer! Auspicious Automobile LOGO released

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On November 16, Junyao Group, the parent company of Jixiang Airlines, held a global launch conference for Jixiang Grand Travel, officially releasing the strategy of "Jixiang Grand Travel" and the intelligent travel technology brand "Jixiang Automobile". At the press conference, auspicious car brand-new LOGO and brand concept officially appeared. The new LOGO consists of "double J", which looks like a variant of the cloud car LOGO.


The official said that "Double J" represents two companies under Junyao Group, Jixiang Airlines and Jixiang Automobile, which provide one-stop travel service experience for users together. At the same time, it is also a combination of JUNEYAO and English word Joyful, meaning "happy life, all the way auspicious".

However, the official did not announce the specific information of the new car, only revealed that the first product of Jixiang Automobile is expected to be listed in China in the second quarter of next year and to go overseas in the third quarter. In other words, the first product of Jixiang Automobile will be oriented to the global market, and the official will position it as "a global car made by China". According to introduction, the design concept of the first product of Jixiang Automobile is based on the minimalism of aviation aesthetics, and will adopt "integrated future design", which has a sense of future and smooth vehicle posture, so as to realize the optimal drag coefficient of the same class of vehicles. In addition, the new car will have a brand-new intelligent electric platform with independent intellectual property rights developed by the whole stack of auspicious cars, built according to the China-Europe double-five-star safety standard.


Junyao Group was founded in July 1991. It is a modern service enterprise focusing on industrial investment. It owns 4 listed companies: Jixiang Airlines, Aijian Group, Great Oriental and Junyao Health. In June 2022, Junyao Group took over Yundu Automobile and became the largest shareholder of the company. Since then, Yundu Automobile announced its name change to Auspicious Yundu.


Sky eye inspection shows that Yundu Automobile is held by Zhuhai Yucheng Investment Center (limited partnership), Putian City State-owned Assets Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Fujian Leading Industry Equity Investment Fund Partnership Enterprise (limited partnership), among which Zhuhai Yucheng Investment Center (limited partnership) with Junyao Group as the main shareholder becomes the largest shareholder of Yundu Automobile with 85.31% shareholding ratio.


In August last year, there was news in the market that Junyao Group, the parent company of Lucky Airlines, would enter the bureau to build cars and name the car brand "Lucky Car." Junyao Group will set up a new energy automobile industry fund, hoping to start a future-oriented company in the new energy automobile industry. Although Jixiang Airlines did not directly announce this news at that time, Zhuhai Yucheng Investment Center, with Junyao Group as its main shareholder, has taken a stake in the new energy force to build cars and vehicles, and has begun to lay out the new energy automobile industry. As for why Jun Yao chose Yun Du, perhaps it was because of Yun Du's production aptitude.


Yundu Automobile was established in December 2015. In January 2017, Yundu Automobile obtained the production license of new energy vehicles issued by the National Development and Reform Commission, becoming the tenth enterprise in China to obtain the production qualification of new pure electric vehicles, and becoming the second new energy passenger vehicle manufacturer approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In February of the same year, Yundu Automobile released Yundu new energy automobile brand, and then launched six consecutive models including Yundu π1, Yundu π3, etc.

In October 2017, the first model of cloud π1 was officially launched at a price of 1389 - 197,500 yuan; in March 2018, cloud π3 was officially launched at a price of 170,800 - 186,800 yuan. According to the product release timeline, Yundu Automobile is extremely fast in product layout, and it takes only more than a year from the establishment of the company to the release of the product. At the same time, with these two models, 9300 vehicles were delivered in 2018, second only to 11,300 vehicles of NIO Automobile, ranking second among the new forces of car building. However, with the rise of mainstream electric vehicles, the products of Yundu Automobile do not have obvious competitive advantages in terms of endurance, sports and configuration. In addition, the product is unitary, and Yundu quickly fades out of the market. In 2019, Yundu Automobile fell into difficulties such as frequent turnover of workers and forced employee leave. However, cloud degree car response: "the enterprise is in normal operation."


In August 2020, Yundu Automobile held a grand strategic conference. At the conference, Yundu Automobile CEO Lin Mi publicly stated: "In 2025, Yundu will rank among the top three domestic pure electric automobile brands and represent China's new energy brands to participate in global market competition." In the future, Yundu New Energy's models will no longer be limited to passenger cars, but will also cover commercial vehicle product lines, adopting a two-line layout of 'both commercial and passenger,' and at the same time, marketing channels will be completely sunk."

It should be noted that, according to the data of new vehicle risk, from 2019 to 2021, the risk of cloud vehicles was 637, 1679 and 1499 respectively. Like most car-making enterprises, Yundu Automobile is also losing money year after year in terms of performance. According to public data, the net losses of Yundu automobiles from 2017 to 2021 were 95 million yuan, 138 million yuan, 177 million yuan, 204 million yuan and 213 million yuan respectively.


In fact, since 2022, Yundu cars are basically out of production. According to the retail data of the association, the sales volume of Yundu cars in 2022 was 604, while no sales data could be found in 2023. It was not until Junyao Group, the parent company of Jixiang Airlines, announced its stake in Yundu Automobile that Yundu Automobile was brought back to public view again.

In February this year, Yundu released the first new energy SUV Cloud Rabbit. The new car launched two configuration models with a price range of 858 - 95,800 yuan. After listing, it competed with Nezha V, Geometry E and other models. However, the market performance of the new car was not ideal after listing, and Yundu Automobile rarely announced its sales volume actively.


Now, under the leadership of Junyao Group, Yundu Automobile has been renamed as Auspicious Yundu. The subsequent production qualification of auspicious automobile may come from Yundu Automobile. It should be noted that the track of new energy automobile is increasingly crowded and the competition tends to be white-hot. It is difficult to predict whether auspicious automobile, as a latecomer, can catch up with the dividends of the new energy automobile era.

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