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PICC Research on a new batch of collision test results

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On November 29th, China Insurance Research C-IASI released the results of its second evaluation in 2023, involving Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Honda CR-V, BYD Seal, Naples S, Great Wall Mountain and Sea Gun, Changan Auchan Z6, Hyundai Musa, Mazda CX-50, and Lantu, among which BYD Seal, Nezha S and Lantu are new energy vehicles, and Great Wall Mountain and Sea Gun are pickup models. From the overall crash test results, in addition to crashworthiness and maintenance economy, the gap between the major models is not very large, all models have obtained G (excellent) rating, indicating that the safety of today's models has indeed been improved to a certain extent, and can cope with the C-IASI test of China Baoyan.

The sub-index of crashworthiness and maintenance economy refers to the ability of the vehicle itself to resist collision deformation at low speed (15km/h), and the maintenance cost after the vehicle structure is deformed. For consumers, this is also directly related to the late maintenance of vehicles, so this evaluation is of great practical significance, and from the historical evaluation, few car companies can get the G (excellent) rating. The same is true from the structure of this evaluation. Changan Z6, modern Musa and Lantu are all P (poor), indicating that they need to bear higher maintenance costs after the collision, the Great Wall mountain and sea guns are A (good), and other models are all M (general).

The occupant safety sub-index includes driver side front 25% offset collision, side collision, roof strength, seat / headrest test. The evaluation results of 9 models are excellent (G). Among the driver side front offset collision conditions, there are 8 models with excellent evaluation. In the side impact condition, 9 models have obtained excellent evaluation. In addition, the Mazda CX-50 voluntarily applied for a 25% offset collision on the front of the occupant side, which received an excellent rating.

Mercedes Benz C Class

Honda CR-V

BYD seal

Nashi S

The Great Wall Mountain and Sea Cannon

Changan Auchan Z6

Modern Mu sa

Mazda CX-50

Lantu pursues the light

As one of the third-party vehicle evaluation institutions in China, C-IASI played a "upright and upright" role in the eyes of the Chinese people before "meeting" Haoying. Passat, a generation of miraculous cars, was exposed under the test of PICC Research, but there was a lot of controversy in the evaluation results of Haoying models, which led to some questions about its rigor. Coupled with the G (excellent) performance of the models announced in the past two years in the main test items, its crash test has become less and less attractive.

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