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Li Bin: I hope the Gaohe brand can survive.

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On February 26th, Li Bin, founder and chairman of Ulai Automobile, asked in the studio what he thought of the Gaohe brand incident. "I hope the Gaohe brand will survive," Li Bin said. Li Bin stressed: "I never expect any enterprise to go bankrupt, even the competitors of the Weilai brand. I think it is not easy for any company to achieve a certain degree."

Unexpectedly, Gaohe became the first car brand of Thunder in 2024. At the end of 2023, Gaohe frequently reported the news of arrears to suppliers, wage cuts and layoffs, store closures and so on. After repeated denials, on February 18, 2024, Gaohe was revealed to have stopped production for half a year, although insiders at that time also denied the truth of the news. But it is an indisputable fact that Gaohe factory has stopped production and its headquarters has restricted access.

On February 22, Ding Lei, founder of Gaohe Automobile, showed up at the Shanghai headquarters to hold a brief meeting with some employees and car owners. Ding Lei began to reflect on the company's strategic planning, operation, marketing, public relations and other problems, resulting in sales targets can not be achieved, revenue is difficult to cover operating costs. He admitted that the factory had been shut down since November last year, and that the cash flow in the company's account had dried up, and said that "Haohe still has a window of three months", which could be as short as a month. Ding Lei implored the employees who stayed behind to fight again.

Gaohe was once a hot electric car brand in the market. The price range of the first mass-produced car Gaohe HiPHi X is 57 to 800000 yuan. The high price and cool design once became the object of heated discussion in the market, and then launched the second model, HiPhi Z, although the price was slightly reduced, but still more than 500000 yuan. By 2023, Gaohe car sales have been unable to break through, launching the second model HiPhi Y, priced at 33.90-449000 yuan, but in the face of the highly competitive electric car market, HiPhi Y did not bring a highlight moment for Gaohe, but Gaohe shut down production.

Industry insiders believe that the fundamental reason for the competition in the auto market or accelerating the emergence of the high-tech crisis lies in mistakes in product definition, R & D investment, distribution channels and external financing. Both HiPhi X and HiPhi Z are born to determine the positioning of high-tech ultra-luxury brands, but the shaping of brand luxury lies not only in price or the performance-to-price ratio accumulated by hardware configurations, but also in the unique experience given to users by the brand. High-tech lacks this ability, and high-tech cars lack self-research genes and hard technology in many key areas, such as three electric power, chassis adjustment, software algorithms and so on. Especially in the intelligent technology reserve, which is regarded as the core competitiveness of the enterprise, Gaohe automobile resources are invested cautiously, which causes it to lose the opportunity to compete with the head car company in the knockout stage of the second half of the intelligent electric vehicle.

Gao he Automobile rises high and hits high, which determines the small and beautiful market positioning, and tries to subdivide the population by virtue of its unique market positioning, which limits Gaohe Automobile to form a large-scale force in a short period of time, but can not form large-scale development. it is doomed that Gaohe Automobile can not achieve cost suppression. once the lack of financing leads to a funding gap, it is difficult for start-ups to get through the crisis through rapid self-hematopoiesis. Until now, only ideal cars are profitable, while Weilai and Xiaopeng are still in a state of loss, while Gaohe is even more difficult.

It is generally believed that the possibility of the rebirth of high-tech cars is extremely slim. Like the new power brands that went bankrupt and restructured in the past, high-tech cars need the same money most at the moment, and the status quo in front of high-tech cars is that even if Ding Lei gets the bailout funds, it is a drop in the bucket for high-tech cars. "We really don't want to lose like this," Ding Lei said. "the window for the company to turn around is three months at most, and we will make every effort to save the company in three months." But does Ding Lei really have the strength to attract money? Can it really save Gaohe?

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