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The new Chevrolet Tahoe launches! Introduced into China next year

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On November 30th, Chevrolet officially launched new Tahoe and Suburban models, both of which are positioned full-size SUV,Suburban can be simply understood as the long-wheelbase version of Tahoe. The launch is a medium-term revamped model, which is scheduled to be available in the US market by the end of 2024 and sold in the 2025 model. Earlier, General Motors high-end imported car platform Dolange revealed that the Chevrolet Tahoe series will be introduced to the domestic market by import in 2024.

Compared with the old models, the new Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban look more wild, with a layered front grille and a combination of headlights on both sides. The headlight group has been upgraded to a new split design, the styling style is similar to that of the new generation of patrol leaders, and Chevrolet's latest family C-shaped LED daytime driving lights are provided with high recognition after lighting. The overall modeling basically continues the cash modeling language, the lower encirclement and the modeling modification of the front fender, bringing a fuller visual effect of the front face.

On the side of the car body, the overall line modeling is still a tough and rough design language, and the straight roof lines can maximize the head space of the passengers in the car. In the rear part, the new car is equipped with a small spoiler, the D-column is also painted in bright black, and the taillights are smoked black, with a clear sense of layering, and the overall details make the visual effect of the new car very full.

In terms of size, Chevrolet has not yet released the detailed size of the new model, which is expected to be the same as the old model. Referring to the old Tahoe, the length, width and height of the car are 5352/2060/1923mm and the wheelbase is 3071mm. Compared with the old Suburban, the width and height of the two models are the same, the length of Suburban increases 381mm compared to Tahoe, and wheelbase increases 335mm compared to Tahoe.

As a medium-term revamping model, the new Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban are replaced with the latest Chevrolet family interior style, with a new suspended 11-inch LCD panel and a larger 17.7-inch multimedia display, and the two screens have an one-piece effect, similar to the interior decoration of the new generation of patrol leaders. The area below the central control center retains some physical buttons and knobs, and the overall design shows the characteristics of American luxury. In addition, the shift device has changed from knob to pocket gear, leaving more storage space for the central handrail area.

In other configurations, Suburban and TAHOE come standard with functions such as automatic emergency braking, lane centering, blind spot monitoring, front and side pedestrian detection and adaptive cruise. In addition, the standard rear monitoring system can detect body indexes such as heartbeat and respiration. At the same time, an in-car camera is also provided to help users check whether there are any items left in the car in time, so as to increase convenience.

On the power side, the new Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban continue to offer three power systems, including two gasoline V8 naturally aspirated engines and a diesel in-line six-cylinder turbocharged engine. The two gasoline V8 engines have a maximum power of 265 kilowatts (355 horsepower), a peak torque of 519 Nm, and a maximum power of 313 kilowatts (420 horsepower) and a peak torque of 623 Nm, respectively.

In terms of diesel power, the new Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban are equipped with a second-generation Duramax diesel engine, which is equipped with the new Chevrolet Solod 1500 pickup truck for the first time, with higher maximum power and peak torque than the first-generation Duramax diesel engine. Specifically, the 3.0-liter in-line six-cylinder diesel turbocharged engine has a maximum power of 227 kilowatts (305 horsepower) and a peak torque of 671 Nm. In terms of transmission system, the transmission systems matched by the three engines are all 10-speed automatic gearboxes.

During the 2023 Expo, GM announced that it would introduce two full-size SUV Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon, as the first models of the Dolanger platform, which will officially enter the Chinese market in the second quarter of next year. At the same time, Dolange will open direct stores in first-and second-tier cities across the country.

Two major SUV models, the Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon, have been proven in the North American market, where the former ranks first in full-size SUV sales for many years, while the latter has sold more than a million vehicles worldwide. Julian Blissett, president of GM China, said in an interview that Dolange mainly focuses on niche market segments and personalized products and will complement, coordinate and work closely with the SAIC GM brand.

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