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BYD's general manager of public relations insinuated a car company: constantly break through the lower limit and challenge the limit of people.

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Li Yunfei, general manager of BYD Group Brand and Public Relations, said on Weibo on December 3 that one evil thing after another has been breaking through the lower limit and challenging people's limits.


Li Yunfei posted some relevant evidence of online black public relations, saying, "BYD's technology and products are often disgusted and targeted by a variety of tricks: there are malicious comparisons of our cars directly in the store." some sales consultants show customers the edited black material maliciously smear, some give our product configuration or brand models black nicknames, and some even have their brain-broken fans to buy our cars to engage in live broadcast and malicious defamation. All kinds of bad deeds go on and on! " Although Li Yunfei did not directly expose which car company, it is not difficult to find clues from the relevant screenshots.

Behind Li Yunfei's speech, the equation Leopard 5 is suspected of being maliciously smeared. The thing is, a blogger posted a video about the fuel consumption test of equation Panther 5 on a social platform, and the final result showed that the fuel consumption of equation Panther 5 was as high as 16.9L, which is a far cry from the official claim that the overall fuel consumption is 1.81L/100km and the lowest fuel consumption is 7.8L/100km. However, the video has been removed from the shelves because it was attacked by many netizens.


On the evening of December 2, Jiebao issued a statement in response, saying that it had obtained relevant vehicle operation data in response to the police's demand for evidence in the 2023.11.28 Yao Qiang suspected of speeding. The data show that there are a large number of abnormal driving behaviors of the vehicle on that day, including high-speed driving beyond 120km in multinational roads and abnormal parking time in some highway sections. Equation Leopard said that if the driver of the vehicle does have speeding and sudden braking behavior, it will seriously endanger public safety and harm the public interest. The equation leopard shall fulfill its legal obligations in accordance with the law, assume social responsibility, cooperate with the traffic police investigation, protect public interests, and safeguard the dignity of the law.


Li Yunfei said that this year, the most frequently mentioned word of the Autobots is "volume", I can understand! But the volume should also be legal and reasonable, courteous and courteous, valuable and meaningful, rather than misleading and fooling consumers, not a lower limit! Volume technology, volume products, volume service, is the long-term solution, is the king! Otherwise, what we are doing is a zero-sum game war of words, which is not conducive to the industry, but also not conducive to themselves!


With the intensification of market competition, the topics related to "network black public relations" are highly discussed, and many car companies have also set up legal departments or reporting centers. On July 24, BYD launched the official Weibo of the Ministry of Justice and posted the first post saying that Sina Weibo user "Dragon Pig-Jiche" had posted a large amount of false information for a long time, maliciously slandering, belittling and insulting BYD. BYD's brand reputation has caused serious damage. In this regard, BYD collected and fixed a large amount of evidence, gave feedback to the relevant departments on its suspected hacking of public relations, and decided to formally sue "Longzhu-Jiche", asking it to delete the relevant infringing remarks, make a public apology and compensate 5 million yuan. However, there has been no new progress in the prosecution case.

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