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Farewell to OEM! NIO is qualified for independent production.

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Today, "Automotive Industry concern" found on the official website of the government service platform of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology that Lulai Automotive Technology (Anhui) Co., Ltd. is among them. The production address is 299 Baita Road, Economic and technological Development Zone, Hefei City, Anhui Province, and the legal representative is Qin Lihong.


This may mean that Xilai has acquired independent production qualification. The map shows that the production address is the Weilai experience Center (Hefei Xinqiao Industrial Park), which is located within the factory area of the second advanced manufacturing base. As of press time, NIO did not announce the news. Prior to this, a number of Lulai executives, including Shen Fei and Huang Xin, said that "history will be witnessed today, Weibo will be temporarily suspended," or proving the authenticity of the news.

截屏2023-12-04 15

New power car companies initially achieved mass production and listing of their products through contract manufacturing, mainly because of the problem of funds, but contract manufacturing also has many disadvantages, in addition to the high cost of contract manufacturing every year. OEM by traditional car companies will also face production and quality control problems. For the new power car companies, getting rid of contract manufacturing and building cars independently will not only facilitate the rapid iteration of vehicle models, but also improve efficiency if major and deep-seated reforms are carried out in the future.

In "Wei Xiaoli", ideal Automobile and XP Automobile have successively obtained production qualification through acquisition, while NIO has always cooperated with Jianghuai Automobile to achieve complete vehicle manufacturing, and the models sold need to be affixed with the word "Jianghuai Automobile" on the rear.

In December 2018, Beijing Auto and Home acquired a 100% stake in Chongqing Lifan, a subsidiary of Lifan Automobile, for 650 million yuan, obtaining the qualification for the production of new energy vehicles. At the same time, Chongqing Lifan's production base in Changzhou is leased to ideal cars, becoming the production base of ideal ONE. In 2021, ideal Automobile took over Beijing Hyundai Shunyi No. 1 Factory, transformed into an ideal automobile green intelligent manufacturing base in Beijing, and started construction in October of that year. In June this year, the production qualification of Beijing ideal Automobile Co., Ltd. was approved, and the new Beijing Shunyi Intelligent Factory will be officially put into production this year to support the production of pure electricity and extended range products.


The same is true of XP Motors, which initially produced Xiaopeng G3 through cooperation with Haima Motor, but in view of brand development and market positioning, it acquired Guangdong Fudi Motor in 2020 to achieve independent production qualification. Its subsequent models such as Xiaopeng P7 and Xiaopeng P5 are produced by Xiaopeng Automobile Zhaoqing Factory.

On October 19th, JAC Automobile announced that the company plans to transfer some of its assets through public listing, involving the inventory of the three factories of the passenger car company, fixed assets, projects under construction, buildings, land use rights and Xinqiao factory structures and equipment assets of the passenger car company, with a proposed listing price of 4.498 billion yuan.


It is understood that the two factories involved in the transfer of Jianghuai automobile assets are in fact the two factories that Jianghuai and Weilai cooperate with, that is, Jianghuai Weilai advanced manufacturing base and NIO second advanced manufacturing base, that is, NIO F1 factory and NIO F2 factory, these two factories are built by Wei, but the production qualification comes from Jianghuai Automobile. According to the industry, the Jianghuai Automobile is ostensibly a transfer factory, but in fact it is a transfer of production qualification, and the transfer of the asset will eventually be taken over by Wei, thus achieving independent production qualification.

探索蔚来合肥工厂 这个品牌是否已步入正轨?

At present, the production qualifications of the models owned by Weilai come from Jianghuai Automobile, which is also the reason for the appearance of "Jianghuai Automobile" on the tail mark of Weilai model. Compared with Xiaopeng Automobile and ideal Automobile to build cars independently through acquisition, it is difficult for Weilai to be recognized by the market through OEM production, and many car owners will deduct the tail mark of "JAC Automobile" after buying Yulai models. Some consumers have concerns about the cognitive bias of the original OEM brand. In other words, Weilai paid 4.498 billion yuan for two factories that originally belonged to JAC Motor, thus obtaining the qualification to build cars independently and deducting the tail bid of JAC Motors. Is the deal worth it after all?

In addition to obtaining the qualification to build cars, there have been a lot of good things in recent years.

On November 21 and 29, Weilai signed power exchange cooperation agreements with Changan Automobile and Geely Holdings respectively. In the future, a number of car companies will join the Weilai Power Exchange "moments" as one of the most heavily invested projects. The addition of Changan, Geely and other car companies can shorten the development cycle of the power station, share the supply chain costs and operating costs, and make the Weilai power station profitable more quickly.

On December 1st, Xilai released the latest delivery data, which showed that 15959 new cars were delivered in November, up 12.6% from a year earlier and down 0.7% from a month earlier. By the end of November, Xilai had delivered a total of 142026 new cars, an increase of 33.1% over the same period last year.

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