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It's been on the market for less than three months! The price of the new Xiaopeng G9 is greatly reduced.

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With the end of the year approaching, many car companies have launched preferential car purchase activities.

Recently, the new Xiaopeng G9 also launched a time-limited car purchase policy. As can be seen from the promotional posters, users who order G9 from December 8 to 17 can enjoy a year-end discount of up to 19000 yuan. It is understood that the 2024 Xiaopeng G9 launched on September 19, the new car positioning medium and large SUV, a total of 5 models, the price range is 26.39-359900 yuan.

It is worth noting that compared with the old model, the starting price of the new Xiaopeng G9 has dropped by 46000 yuan. As a reference, the price range of the old G9 is 30.99-469900 yuan.

The Xiaopeng G9, the most expensive model under Xiaopeng, was officially seen as a blockbuster model to raise gross margins and went on sale on September 21 last year. However, it was reported that the matching logic of the new car was too complex to distinguish the relationship between versions as soon as it was launched. In this regard, Xiaopeng officials also urgently released a piece entitled "Pengyou are unhappy?" Change! Xiaopeng G9 adjust the price and configuration "tweet, the content of Xiaopeng G9 configuration information and price correction. Compared with before, the biggest change of the new car is not to increase the price, but these official adjustments to Xiaopeng have not brought a boost to the sales of the Xiaopeng G9. Relevant data show that the cumulative sales of the Xiaopeng G9 in 2022 is 6373. After entering 2023, Xiaopeng G9 sales have not improved. The Xiaopeng G9 sold 872 vehicles in August and 8008 from January to August 2023.

The new Xiaopeng G9 went on the market in September, and the price was tens of thousands cheaper than the old one, so it was naturally favored by the market. According to official sources, the number of new cars must have exceeded 8000 after 72 hours on the market. Data show that sales of the new G9 have been rising since it went on sale in September. From September to November, Xiaopeng sold 1390, 4593 and 5778 P9 vehicles, respectively. Under the background of the momentum of sales growth of the new G9 and the big price cuts launched by various car companies at the end of the year, it is not difficult to understand that Xiaopeng launched a time-limited discount in pursuit of the new G9.

After all, Xiaopeng's market performance in the first half of the year has not been satisfactory since it entered 2023. Relevant data show that Xiaopeng's cumulative sales in the first half of this year were 41400, down 39.93% from the same period last year. If the sales are not good, the total revenue will decline. In the first half of the year, Xiaopeng's total income was 9.1 billion yuan, down 38.9 percent from the same period last year, while the net loss widened to 5.14 billion yuan. To this end, Xiaopeng has launched several new models one after another, and the Xiaopeng G6 model was launched on June 29, which led to a big increase in Xiaopeng car sales. In September, Xiaopeng launched 2024 Xiaopeng P5 and 2024 Xiaopeng G9 models.

With the blessing of several models, Xiaopeng's sales have also rebounded, exceeding 20,000 in October and November. Figures show that Xiaopeng sold 20002 cars in October and 20041 in November.

However, sales did increase, but Xiaopeng's losses still increased. According to the latest official financial data, Xiaopeng posted a net loss of 3.89 billion yuan in the third quarter, an increase of 63.6% over the same period last year. Although its gross profit margin was 1.2% lower than that of-3.9% in the second quarter, it was still negative. Xiaopeng's gross profit margin in the third quarter was-2.7%. Officials have said Xiaopeng will enter a positive cycle of rapid development in the fourth quarter. Or based on such a plan, Xiaopeng Motor has first launched preferential policies for all its P7i models since it entered December, with a maximum discount of 26000 yuan. Among them, the price of Xiaopeng P7iMax model starts from 224900 yuan after the discount.

Of course, price reduction can indeed lead to sales growth, but as more and more models introduce preferential policies, the new Xiaopeng G9 will also face certain challenges if it wants to boost sales.

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