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2.03 million! Tesla large-scale recall

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Tesla recalled almost all the models sold in the United States! On December 13, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) disclosed that Tesla filed a recall of 2031220 vehicles, including the 2012-2023 Model S, the 2016-2023 Model X, the 2017-2023 Model 3 and the 2020-2023 Model Y, covering all models equipped with FSD Beta (fully autonomous driving) software.

According to the recall announcement, all Tesla models equipped with FSD Beta (fully automatic driving) software have safety risks and cannot ensure that drivers still pay enough attention when the system starts self-driving. FSD Beta may cause vehicles to behave unsafely near intersections, such as going straight in lanes that can only turn, not fully stopping at intersections where complete parking is required, or rushing into intersections when the yellow light is on (without due vigilance).

To this end, Tesla will solve this problem through OTA (Over-the-Air) updates, that is, remote software updates to the equipment through wireless communication technology. It is worth noting that it is not clear whether Tesla will conduct a recall outside the United States. Take the Chinese market as an example, Tesla models currently on sale in the Chinese market are all equipped with FSD, and most likely will not launch a recall in China.

What is FSD? FSD's full name is Full Self-Drive, which means fully autopilot. Tesla officially released the FSD Beta (beta version) version of Q3 in 2020. FSD is not installed on the vehicle to achieve fully autopilot, but Tesla on the basis of autopilot to upgrade the function, American users can choose whether to subscribe to this feature. FSD is a bright spot of Tesla brand model, which is much more advanced than the automatic driving technology in the current market. Tesla carries out path planning and decision-making by combining vehicles with high-precision maps and real-time data, in order to achieve safe driving and accurate operation of vehicles, automatic parking, automatic auxiliary lane change, automatic identification of traffic lights and automatic response, parking intelligent summoning and other functional requirements.

FSD is constantly questioned, and relevant departments in the United States have investigated it many times. Tesla recently faced charges of fraudulent publicity from the California Motor vehicle Administration (DMV) because Tesla has been using names such as Autopilot and FSD (Full Self-Driving) to describe his advanced driving assistance system for years, sparking public concern about misleading publicity. DMV believes that Tesla's use of the term "autopilot" is deceptive and decides to regard the matter as a false advertising problem and launch an investigation. Tesla retorted that DMV "has been aware of the Autopilot and FSD names since Tesla started using them in 2014 and 2016" and "acquiesced in the use of these names".

At present, many independent brands have realized the functions of automatic lane change, automatic overtaking, automatic ramp and so on, and the whole driving process is very consistent. The difference is that Tesla has always advocated the visual radar scheme, while the mainstream practice of independent brands is to achieve high-level driving assistance through lidar combined with high-precision maps. In the domestic market, Xiaopeng Automobile is recognized as a car company with fast self-driving layout, and its research and development can be applied to the NGP function of urban roads to realize road identification, automatic overtaking and lane change, speed limit adjustment, automatic on-and-off ramp, taking over vehicle reminders, and so on. Earlier, he Xiaopeng had a war of words with Yu Chengdong, which triggered heated discussions in the industry.

The introduction of independent brands to assist driving in the city scene is also the courage of domestic car companies to challenge Tesla. When Tesla FSD can be realized in China seems to be even more distant, after Tesla updated the function introduction in the car owner's manual and quickly deleted it.

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