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OMG! The replacement of Harvard H5 real car captain is like this.

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"Automotive Industry concern" noticed that a new generation of Harvard H5 real car pictures were exposed online. Previously reported that the new generation of Harvard H5 is the internal code-named P04 full-size SUV, using non-load-bearing body structure. As a replacement model, although the new car is still named Harvard H5, it is obviously different from the previous H5 version in appearance, style and vehicle positioning.

It is understood that the new generation of Harvard H5 based on the tank platform, the appearance of the new Harvard family design, the body size has also been significantly improved, vehicle positioning or from the original compact SUV into a large SUV, power equipped with 2.0T gasoline and diesel engine options, the transmission system can choose manual or automatic gearbox.

Real car diagram

Synthesizing the previous declaration map and the latest exposure of the real car map, the appearance of the new car adopts a new design style, the whole car shape is square and hard. Specifically, the front face is designed with a large trapezoidal front grille, the interior of the grille is decorated with double horizontal chrome strips, and in the center is the new Harvard Logo. With square and wide headlights on both sides, the shape of the headlights is basically the same as that of the Great Wall, and is equipped with "C" daytime driving lights. The front enclosure uses the same color design as the car body, and also shows the thickness of the hard off-road SUV model, the whole front looks quite American SUV style.

Declaration chart

On the side of the body, the waistline of the new car does not run through the whole body, but forms a corner in the front and rear doors, with pedals under the door. at the same time, the new car has a wide C-column, B-column and D-column are treated in black. The actual model exposed this time is equipped with multi-spoke aluminum alloy rims. according to previous information, the new car can choose 17-inch and 18-inch rims with tyre specifications of 245amp 65R17 and 245amp 60R18. In the rear part, the shape of the rear part of the new car is more straight, and the design of the upper narrow and lower width makes the car look more powerful. The taillight is vertical design, the tail exhaust adopts two-sided shape, and the whole vehicle moves relatively.


Declaration chart

In terms of size, the new generation of Harvard H5 is 5190/1905/1835mm in length, width and height, and 3140mm in wheelbase, positioning large SUV. For comparison, the 2018 Harvard H5 classic model, which has been discontinued, has a length, width and height of 4645/1800/1785mm, a wheelbase of 2700mm, and a positioning compact SUV. Taken together, the length and wheelbase of the new car exceed that of Harvard H9.


In the interior part, the previous spy photo shows that the layout of the interior of the new car is basically similar to that of the diamond cannon, equipped with double suspended LCD dashboards and multimedia displays, and the lower air-conditioning control area may be a touch panel. The multi-function steering wheel is similar to the Haversian beast, and the shape of the shift lever is somewhat similar to that of the tank 300. The overall design is not amazing, but it is in line with the steady aura of the hard-line off-road vehicle. In addition, the previously declared model of the new car is a 2 + 3 five-seat layout, which means that the new car may have plenty of rear storage space.

In terms of power, the new generation Harvard H5 is equipped with a honeycomb power model of 4C20B 2.0T gasoline engine and a model of 4D20M 2.0T diesel engine. Among them, 2.0T gasoline engine is divided into 145kW and 165kW power, and the maximum power of 2.0T diesel engine is 122kW. In terms of transmission, in addition to the 6-speed manual transmission, the new car automatically shifts the model or matches the 6-speed manual self-integrated gearbox.

The Harvard H5 is a compact SUV under the Harvard brand and can be regarded as the ancestor of the Great Wall H-series models. The Harvard H5 went on sale in September 2010, different from the Harvard H6, which is also targeted as a compact SUV. Because the H5 was born on the Great Wall pickup platform, it is more cross-country in appearance, but less satisfactory in terms of sales. In 2014, for example, the Harvard H6 sold 217889 vehicles, while the Harvard H5 sold 61875. Around 2014, the Harvard H5 is in the last generation of the product, and at one point there was a spy photo of the replacement model of the Harvard H5, which is expected to be launched in 2015, but until 2018, Harvard failed to launch a new generation of the H5. Only in August 2017, the 2018 Harvard H5 Classic was launched, when the car was priced between 10.78 yuan and 136800 yuan. It was powered by Great Wall's independently developed Lujing 2.0T diesel engine and 2.0T gasoline engine, and popular configurations such as CarLife mobile phone connectivity and DTS sound effects were added.


Since then, due to poor car sales and product name restructuring, finally failed to wait for the second-generation model, the Harvard H5 hastily withdrew from the market and stopped production. Now, the replacement of Harvard H5 is certain to make up for the regrets of some consumers.

Based on the analysis of the size and positioning of the new car, the new generation of Harvard H5 may become the largest SUV under the Harvard brand. The declaration chart shows that the new generation of Harvard H5 tail bid provides "Harvard H5", "Harvard H5L" and "Harvard H5 MAX". It is uncertain how the new car will be named, and it is expected that the three tail marks will correspond to the "small, medium and large" version of Harvard H5. However, the market believes that the size of the new Harvard H5 is larger than that of the largest Harvard H9, and its positioning spans directly from a compact SUV to a large SUV, which is prone to product intergenerational confusion.


In terms of price, it is reported that the new generation Harvard H5 is based on the Great Wall Diamond Gun, and the price may be in the price range of 15-200000. What do you think the price of the new car will be when it comes on the market? From the perspective of the current car market, at present, there are no independent large-size hard off-road models in China, as for whether the new car can be recognized by consumers in the car market after a large-scale innovation. It hasn't come yet.

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