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Buy millet car may send Beijing license plate? Official response

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Today, a former employee close to Lei Jun revealed that "Lei Jun is holding back a big move. The first batch of car owners who buy Xiaomi cars may give away license plates if they do not have a Beijing license plate."

In this regard, the relevant personnel of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Public Security and Traffic Administration said: "the license plate needs to be registered. At present, I have not received the relevant notice that you can send the license plate to buy a millet car." Xiaomi car customer service staff said: officials are not aware of such a situation. If there is no release from our side, it is a situation that is not true, there is doubt and controversy, and the proposal is subject to our official release.

In the Beijing area, it is almost impossible to buy a car and send a license plate. Beijing is one of the largest automobile consumer markets in the country, and Beijing's license plate lottery system is one of the strictest in the country. This is because the Beijing municipal government strictly regulates license plates in order to control traffic congestion and car exhaust emissions. Generally speaking, after buying a new car, you need to get the license plate by lottery or auction, but the probability of winning the lottery is so small that many people may not be able to get it after shaking for several years. Therefore, the license plate is even more expensive than the car, and the first batch of millet cars are given Beijing license plates, which is undoubtedly a sure business. Even Yang Xueliang, vice president of Geely Holdings, said, "then I will also buy one, but the Beijing account has not been shaken for ten years. Beijing must implement this policy, please."

Xiaomi's first production car, the Xiaomi SU7, will go on sale in the first half of the year, but so far, its price remains a mystery. Lei Jun has vaccinated consumers many times, and the price of Xiaomi SU7 may exceed everyone's psychological expectations. in short, in a word, "it won't be 99000, it won't be 149000, and it won't be 199000." then Xiaomi SU7 will be sold at least 200000, then 209000 or 299000, and the price difference between the two is huge.

However, at present, Lei Jun may also have a headache. BYD threw out "Wang fried" directly after the Spring Festival of the year of the Dragon. Although it is more likely to snipe traditional fuel cars, shouting the slogan "electricity is lower than oil", who can be left alone in the price war? Price reduction or no price reduction seems to be a choice, but in fact, there is no choice. Whether it is BYD or other car companies, the purpose of price reduction is to maximize sales and seize more market share without price reduction. The market will be taken away by other companies, and there will be no chance to eat soup and eat bones in the end.

He Xiaopeng said in the start letter that this year is the first year for Chinese car brands to enter the "sea of blood" competition, that is, the first year of the knockout stage. Geely Automobile Group CEO Gan Jiayue also believes that volume prices, volume products, volume services and volume flow in 2024 will be the most volume of the year.

Back to Xiaomi cars, from the beginning of the debut of Xiaomi SU7, Xiaomi officials have been sending the message that the new car is "really a little expensive", but now the major automakers are competing to reduce prices, and the market's perception of Xiaomi SU7 pricing is contradictory: on the one hand, its price can no longer "make friends", on the other hand, at more than 200000 or more, its competitiveness does not seem to be prominent. Of course, the current price reduction range is mainly concentrated in the 100000 A-class market, but the price reduction wave is bound to continue to spread to other market segments. For Xiaomi cars that have not yet been priced, the butterfly effect of industry-wide price reduction naturally affects its final price, and the price also determines the success or failure of Xiaomi cars.

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