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Great Wall Motor sells models overseas or change its name!

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According to media reports, Great Wall Motor may adjust its brand strategy and change the name of its models in overseas markets. According to the report, the head of Great Wall's European brand and marketing said that as part of the "one Great Wall" (One GWM) plan, the names of its Wei Brand and Euler brands will be adjusted to replace existing names with numbers. These figures will also correspond to the size of the vehicle. For example, Ora Funky Cat will change its name to "GWM Ora 03", Ora Lightning Cat will change its name to "GWM Ora 07", Wey Coffee 01 (the domestic Wei brand mocha) will change its name to "GWM Wey 05", and Wey Coffee 02 (the domestic latte) will change its name to "GWM Wey 03".

At present, domestic independent brands, including BYD and other car companies are looking to overseas markets, and Great Wall Motor is also speeding up the promotion of overseas markets, and the European market is one of its core strategic markets. Great Wall Motor set up its European headquarters in Munich, Germany in November 2022 and opened a German subsidiary there. Since then, it has successively launched Wei brand mocha PHEV (WEY Coffee 01) and Euler good cat (ORA Cat) models, of which the Wei brand mocha PHEV sells for about 390000-420000 yuan in Europe, almost the same as the luxury models sold locally.

According to the data, the overseas sales of Great Wall Motor reached 35350 in October, up 67.92% from the same period last year, a record high, and the cumulative overseas sales from January to October were 247046, up 86.03% from the same period last year. In terms of market segments, Great Wall Motor sold a total of 4596 Eulers and 44 Wei Brands in the European market by the end of October.

As for why the name was changed? Great Wall explained that the new name will come into effect next year, and that selling new cars under one brand will also raise the company's profile in the local market.

Prior to this, Qiao Xinyu, deputy general manager of Harvard Brand Marketing, said in an interview with the media that after the return of Harvard H5, the replacement model of Harvard Red Rabbit may be named H2 again. During the auto show, Qiao Xinyu was asked whether Harvard would consider returning to the H-series naming, he said: "I hope the fuel vehicles will return to the H-series in the future, but in the end, I am not sure. The H-series impressed everyone too much, such as H6, H5, H9, H2, H4 and so on."

At present, Great Wall Motor's share in the fuel vehicle market is shrinking, and new energy products are not yet fully capable of taking the lead. It is clear that Great Wall Motor urgently needs to launch more products that can be recognized by consumers, which also means that Great Wall Motor, which flourished in the fuel truck era, needs to make more changes.

Data show that from January to October 2023, the cumulative wholesale sales of Great Wall reached 995353 vehicles, an increase of 10.29% over the same period last year. Based on the annual sales target of 1.6 million vehicles, it means that Great Wall has an annual sales target of 62.21% in the first 10 months of this year. In other words, it is unlikely that Great Wall will achieve its annual sales target of 37.79% in the remaining two months.

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