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Heavy! New logo for Toyota new energy vehicles

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Today, according to media reports, Toyota new energy vehicles with a new logo. Compared with the previous standard, the biggest difference between the new standard and the previous standard is that the design of Toyota + blue background is changed to the design of HEV+ dots tail. It is worth noting that the new Camry was unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show recently with a small blue dot next to the letter "HEV" next to the trunk.

In fact, with regard to Toyota's new logo for new energy vehicles, as early as September this year, the official post revealed that the new dots symbolize its desire to "commit to human happiness on earth and pass it on to the next generation." This time, the emergence of the new logo, Toyota disclosed to the media: in the future, Toyota's new energy models will no longer use the blue Toyota logo, and the existing hybrid models will gradually switch back to the common logo when changing the model. Later, as to how to judge hybrid models, officials say they will be equipped with a small blue dot at the rear of these models to highlight the identity of new energy models. Different dots will also be followed by HEV, PHEV, BEV and other words, so it will be easier to identify.

In addition, Toyota will use a new logo to replace the blue logo previously used in hybrid, plug-in, pure electric and fuel cell electric vehicles, according to Toyota insiders. The new logo will be the first to be used in models such as the new Camry, the new Crown and the Prius. In fact, Toyota has added a blue halo to the T-shaped logo of its hybrid models since 2009 to distinguish them from hybrids. As far as the automobile brand is concerned, the car logo is not only the image representative of an enterprise, but also the most recognizable feature. Changing the new logo means its determination to innovate, change and revolutionize.

As we all know, Toyota has a certain market share in the fuel vehicle market, but it is relatively slow in the automobile electrification transformation. With the gradual decline of the market share of fuel vehicles, Toyota, which used to rely on fuel vehicles to seize a certain market share in the domestic market, inevitably seems a little inadequate.

At present, Toyota has launched electric vehicles of FAW Toyota bZ4X, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota bZ4X and FAW Toyota bZ3 models in the Chinese market. Figures show that Toyota sold 2881 bZ3 vehicles in October, while FAW Toyota bZ4X and Guangzhou Auto Toyota bZ4X sold 362 and 174vehicles respectively. Toyota has previously said that China, one of Toyota's most important markets, plans to launch two pure electric vehicles developed in China in 2024, tripling the production of electric vehicles to the target of 2024 by 2025 and setting a production target of 190000 electric vehicles in 2024.

To this end, Toyota is also speeding up the layout of new energy in the Chinese market. On November 17, Guangzhou Auto Toyota launched the new energy brand Platinum Intelligence. Platinum Intelligence brand's first product, Platinum Intelligence 4X, is also listed at the same time, with a price of 179800 yuan. The high-profile ninth generation Camry also made its debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show. GAC Toyota said at the auto show that in terms of electrification, it will make full support and continue to promote the omni-directional electrification strategy to achieve electrical mixing, mixing, pure electricity and hydrogen energy to meet the diversified needs of the market with full-path advantage.

From the official change of the new logo, we can also see its determination to speed up the electrified transformation. The new logo can bring users a new feeling, at the same time, it can also bring more brand image to car companies. Some people in the industry said: although the change of the new logo seems small, it actually has far-reaching implications. Toyota's logo update is undoubtedly part of its brand strategy, and the new logo is to better integrate with the new energy vehicle market.

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