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Big V test leopard 5 high-speed fuel consumption of more than 16.9 liters! Official response

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Recently, Douyin Big V "Daqin Army Shaanxi Regiment" posted a fuel consumption test video on Douyin about BYD's equation Leopard 5, which said in the video that the fuel consumption of the equation Leopard car was as high as 16.9 liters, which is a gap from the fuel consumption advertised earlier by the government.

At present, the video has been removed by the blogger himself, who said that the reason for the removal of the video was mainly attacked by many netizens and deleted under too much pressure. In the video released in the latest issue of the equation Leopard, he said that he ran under the speed limit during the whole process, and recorded the whole process.

According to the Douyin platform, the "Daqin Army Shaanxi Regiment" account mainly focuses on posting content videos such as desert cross-country, modification and maintenance of off-road vehicles, and so on. As of press time, the account has 1.398 million followers and 12.616 million likes.

The auto industry is focused on checking the original video of equation Leopard 5 posted by other netizens on Douyin platform on the same day. At that time, the blogger mainly tested the fuel consumption sharing of driving equation Leopard 5 from Weinan to Wuhai. During the test, the blogger set the economic mode and the power guarantee was set at 50%. After arriving in Wuhai, the blogger said that the section covered a total of 812 kilometers, adding 137 liters in the process, and calculated that the fuel consumption of about 100 kilometers was about 16.9 to 17 liters. Referring to the official propaganda earlier, the comprehensive fuel consumption of Leopard 5 is 1.81L/100km, and the fuel consumption in the lowest charged state is 7.8L/100km.

As soon as the video was released, it immediately sparked a heated discussion on the Internet.

Subsequently, in response to the incident, BYD equation Leopard issued a statement saying that the fuel consumption tested was far from official publicity, mainly due to a large number of abnormal driving behavior in the vehicles the blogger was driving that day. At the same time, it also said that at the request of the police, the operation data of vehicles related to the blogger on that day were obtained, and it was found that during the whole period of high-speed driving on that day, the speed of the blogger exceeded 180km in 3 sections and exceeded 170km in 6 sections. Among them, speed accounts for more than 46% of 160km, more than 37% of 140km, and more than 4% of speed above 160km. In addition, officials also pointed out that abnormal parking time was found in some sections of the highway.

In addition to explaining the incident to the public, the official statement also released the speed data map of the blogger's driving process. Officials pointed out that if the driver of the vehicle does have speeding and emergency braking behavior, he will cooperate with the traffic police investigation. The statement also pointed out that recent similar related videos have triggered a large-scale discussion on the Internet, which has had a bad impact on the brand's reputation and business, and will be safeguarded through legal means.

Relevant data show that equation Leopard is a new brand launched by BYD in June this year, which is located between the momentum brand and the look-up brand. its first model, Leopard 5, went on sale on the 9th of last month. a total of three new models have been launched, namely, the exploratory version, the pilot version and the Yunqi flagship version, with a price range of 289800 yuan to 352800 yuan.

New car positioning medium and large SUV, with DMO hybrid system, equipped with 1.5T engine, front and rear dual motors, lithium iron phosphate battery and E-CVT gearbox. Among them, the maximum power of 1.5T engine is 194 horsepower, the peak torque is 273 Nm, the maximum power of dual motor is 660 hp, the peak torque is 760 Nm, and the acceleration of 100 km is 4.8 seconds. Equipped with BYD capacity 31.8kWh "blade battery", the mileage in pure electric mode is 125km, the fuel consumption in the lowest charged state is 7.8L / 100km, and the comprehensive mileage 1200km. Figures show that Leopard 5 sold 626 vehicles in November.

It is worth noting that today BYD officially announced that in order to further crack down on online black public relations chaos, the maximum reward for reporting is 5 million, which is long-term effective! Officials said that the evidence collected from everyone, such information should have legal effect, verified by BYD, give the provider a heavy reward, but also the provider's personal information will be kept strictly confidential!

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