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Ideal MEGA test car illegal lane change! Official apology

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On December 4th, ideal car apologized for the incident of "illegal change of ideal MEGA test car".

Qingdao Yuzhe Automotive Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., a car testing company involved, issued an apology saying that driver Liu committed acts endangering road traffic safety while driving a test car in Shenzhen at 14:57 on December 3. the driver has been asked to deal with traffic violations as soon as possible. I would like to apologize for the driver's serious violation of traffic regulations and the resulting negative impact on the manufacturer. According to the company's staff code, Liu, the facility employee, will be dismissed.

The thing is, on December 3, a car blogger posted on the social platform: "an ideal MEGA test car has a solid lane to block a normal vehicle." The blogger said that when his friend was driving Tesla Model 3 into the tunnel, he saw the ideal MEGA test vehicle, shot the MEGA with his mobile phone without violating any traffic laws, and when he was about to leave the tunnel, the ideal MEGA made a solid lane change to block the video shooting vehicle, but fortunately, it did not cause an accident.

In response, ideal forwarded an apology issued by Qingdao Yuzhe, a car test company, on its official Weibo, saying: "ideal car also deeply apologizes for the traffic safety risks caused by uncivilized driving behavior. At the same time, ideal car has reiterated to all road test engineers and relevant suppliers the importance and seriousness of abiding by traffic laws and regulations. As practitioners in the automotive industry, ideal automotive staff and partners will work together to maintain a harmonious and safe traffic order and avoid the recurrence of such incidents. "

Ideal MEGA is the fourth model of ideal Motors and the first MPV model. The new car made its debut at the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show and opened a blind booking with a deposit of 5000 yuan.

As the first MPV model under the ideal car, the new car uses a bullet style similar to that of high-speed rail, with a round arc extending from the front to the rear and equipped with a large raised windshield, which looks like a harmonious train. The front face is designed with the popular closed daylight, and the lower part is surrounded by a segmented structure, or is equipped with active grille function. On the side of the body, the lines of the new car are also very smooth, and the roof lines transition smoothly from the B-pillar position to the rear. In the rear part, the new car is equipped with slender through taillights, the upper spoiler is integrated with the lines of the rear window, and the LOGO is also integrated on the rear window for high recognition.

In terms of size, the length of the new car is expected to be more than 5.3m, the width of the car will be about 2m, and the height of the car is conservatively estimated at about 1.8m-1.9m, which is expected to be larger than the pure electric MPV such as potential D9 and polar krypton 009. On the interior seat layout, the new car will be designed with three rows of seven seats (2x 2m 3). In terms of power, the new car will be built on the 800V platform, with peak motor power 400kW, peak torque 542Nm, 0-100km/h acceleration of only 5.5s, and Ningde 5C Kirin battery.

As for the price, the ideal MEGA Max is expected to sell for less than 600000 yuan. According to the plan, the specific price of the new car will be announced this month. According to the previous ideal car official data, the ideal MEGA 1 hour 42 minutes booking capacity of more than 10, 000 vehicles.

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